USB Audio Recorder Pro

Android’s lack of USB audio support (#5) and high audio latency (#11) have been a couple of the platform’s most griped-about and longest-standing issues, starred by 4482 and 2329 users respectively at the time of writing.

USB Audio Recorder Pro is an app that represents a significant step toward addressing these issues, as the developers have written a USB audio driver from scratch in order to bypass Android’s audio system and allow devices to run in USB host mode. In simple language, that means you can use a USB microphone to record audio straight to your phone or tablet (running Android 3.1 or higher).

The app supports recording in 24 bit mono/stereo at sample rates of up to 192 kHz (providing your audio hardware supports it), and recordings can be saved as wav, flac and ogg files. In my testing there was no discernible difference in quality between audio recorded on my Nexus 7 and Audacity in Linux Mint.


The interface of the app is simple and clearly the work of an engineer rather than a designer, but what it lacks in form it makes up for in function. There is a timer, an indication of how much free space is available, buttons to play/stop/record and audio quality options on the right. An indicator/peak programme meter at the bottom of the screen shows the recording level, and this can be tested by pressing the (Mon)itor button in the lower right corner.


The other settings tabs give you access to a mixer where you can fine-tune the levels for each device, and there is a simple playlist function as well as a number of miscellaneous preferences which generally don’t need to be touched.


If you’re not sure whether your device/microphone combination will be supported by the app, check the full compatibility list on the developer’s website. There is also a trial version that allows you to test out your hardware before you commit to paying for the full app. From the app’s page on the Play Store: “Unfortunately, Samsung S1, S2 and Note 1 devices are NOT supported because Samsung either blocks audio devices or they took isochronous transfers out of the kernel. S3 and Note 2 work though.”

This is a fantastic app that does one thing and does it well. If you’re looking to get better recording results when you’re on the road, look no further than USB Audio Recorder Pro.

I really hope it’s only a matter of time before this functionality gets baked into stock Android.


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    Matt Kang

    Great review Graham!!!!

    Tyler T

    Downloaded the Demo and bought a lexicon alpha. It works but for some reason I only get sound out of one headphone when playing back the audio. I have audio evoluton by the same devs and its a fabulous app and the Devs are GREAT with questions/answers but was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.

    David Anderton

    does this only work with phones that have USB OTG

    Graham Bae

    Yes unfortunately 🙁 so it doesn’t work on my Nexus 4.

    David Belling

    If this does what it says then this is super exciting. I’ll be testing this weekend with my Presonus 44VSL.

    Graham Bae

    Let us know how it goes!


    epic review! i have been waiting for something like this!!!


    Thanks for this its a great review. I purchased an iRig from IK multimedia because it is apparently android compatible now. All good, but the APP that goes with the hardware isn’t available yet! I bet its the latency issues. Unfortunately IOS is still miles ahead when it comes to recording / music based apps and features.

    Graham Bae

    Hmm that’s interesting. I’d like to see the possibilities with this app when it comes to XLR conversion and the like.