Some people like to use smartphones as is but I always use a glass screen protector and a drop proof case. I recently purchased a few TAGG Shield tempered glass screen protectors from eBay Australia store techacc-au to try out on some Ausdroid review phones.

Depending on the body colour of your phone TAGG offers you a full-screen 9H hardness glass screen protector which is clear all over (see the Moto G5/G5 Plus example below) or has matching black/white etc overlays for the phones front bezel (see the OPPO R9s/R9s Plus examples above).


Unboxing and Installation

Inside my registered post package I found the 3 TAGG Shield screen protectors I’d ordered.

Zipping off the cardboard opener revealed the contents, a clever hard plastic inset cradle to protect the glass and a bunch of wipes and stickers to aid in the installation process.

I used the microfiber cloth first as instructed, then the wet wipe and then the dry wipe. Next I placed the Helping Stickers as noted in the installation guide videos , peeled off the plastic and placed the screen protector exactly in line with the cutouts for the front camera etc at the top and the fingerprint sensor at the bottom.

Watch the example videos carefully, installation is different for different types of smartphones depending on the cut outs and whether the screen is curved like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or flat like the Google Pixel.

After installation on all 3 phones I had success with 2 of them but one was misaligned. I carefully lifted the screen protector off left to right from two positions 1/3rd and 2/3rd down the phone length and realigned it using the Helping Stickers. All good, phew!


The TAGG shield screen protectors didn’t reduce touch sensitivity on any part of the smartphone screens they were installed on and all 3 installed without bubbles.

The fingerprint sensors on all 3 phones continued to work fine. I re-registered my fingers to reflect that they were pressing on the phone at a slightly different angle with the 0.33mm glass screen protector raised slightly around them. On the OPPO phones the light up capacitive bezel buttons for Recent Apps and Back glowed through exactly sized transparent gaps in the screen protector.

On one phone when viewed at a specific screen angle a small halo effect is visible but it doesn’t bother me as it’s an angle I don’t look at the phone with during daily use. When viewing images that are mostly black, at certain angles a light grid of dots is visible across the screen.

At a mere $7.99 each (less 10% multi purchase discount) this is a small price to pay for knowing that keys and coins in a pocket won’t scratch your new phone screen.

You can buy TAGG Shield tempered glass screen protectors from their Authorised Australian distributor on eBay Australia store techacc-au .

Disclosure Statement

Neerav purchased these screen protectors with his own money and reviewed them for Ausdroid.