I’m on the move a lot and find that I often get through my mobile phone’s data allowance so I invested in a pre-paid pocket WiFi which (long term) has saved me a significant amount of money. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple for most users, the hardware cost alone makes it more economical to pay an extra $15 a month on their mobile phone but Woolworths have the answer, a Telstra 4GX Pocket wifi for $10.

It’s not just the hardware either, you’ll get a pre-paid SIM with 3GB of data on it and a month to use it as a throw in bonus and a quick Pro Tip for you – If you recharge before expiry, your unused data carries over.

Speaking to one of the store managers at my local store, the special will run until close of business Tuesday 23rd of May. So even if it’s something you’ll only use occasionally, the $10 spend now will likely save you some cash in the long run. For anyone keen to maybe grab it an chuck in a different SIM, the Telstra site has reference to unlocking pre-paid devices that states

Telstra Pre-Paid mobiles (including iPhone) and mobile broadband devices are locked for use only on Telstra’s network. There is a fee to have your Pre-Paid mobile phone unlocked. – $25 for devices activated for more than 6 months up to 2 years.

Which still makes it cheaper than the standard retail price.

How do you handle and control your data use while on the move?

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Gregory Eden

I tried two Woolies. One knew nothing of the device. Another had one on display but no stock and knew nothing of the Special. Never mind.

Michael Neuling

FWIW The one they are selling isn’t what you have pictured. It doesn’t have the screen. The one they are selling is the MF910V. You have the MF910 pictured.


And also, 28 days expiry. (Technically not a month)

Luke Vesty

How much does the device normally cost?

Chris Rowland

$60 to $90 depending on package, I believe.