Computex is a genuinely mind blowing experience with literally hundreds of electornics manufacturers from around the world here to showcase their latest and greatest offerings. One of the biggest eye catchers for me was the volume of accessories available for not only the PC market but also mobiles.

There are powerbanks of all shapes and sizes, offering USB A connections, Micro USB and (compared at least to what we see in Australia at the moment) a huge number of USB Type C connectors that offer quick charge for your mobile devices.

There are increasing numbers of OTG and converter cables as well with various size offerings to suit the needs and wants of consumers.

Transcend as a brand are one of the manufacturers that many people will know and have used their products. They have a huge presence at the conference and they have a full range of devices on show as well including Card Readers, External Storage, Memory Cards, Computer Memory, Multimedia Products and USB Flash drives.

There are also a number of manufacturers who have a range of USB Type C designed devices for various applications, or their devices have USB A to Type C adaptors in the box to allow for the cross compatibility needs of customers while we wait for various hardware manufacturers to catch up to the party and bring USB Type C to their desktop or mobile devices.

Unfortunately there was simply too much to cover as a lone wolf at the expo, so I didn’t get around to everything. But suffice to say, when discussing the options with vendors, there’s a lot of accessories bound for Australian market and we’ll see some stiff competition as the need for accessories changeover increases with a new generation of mobile devices offering updated connectivity and charging capabilities.

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    Now I’m just jealous Phil, you were there and I wasn’t lol. I could spend hours looking at gadgets.