Do you protect your Android phone with a case? I’ve always purchased drop proof cases for my smartphones, starting with my very first Android HTC Dream. Good thing I did that because I dropped it and the case cracked but the phone was fine.

Since then I’ve owned many Android phones, all protected by tough cases and have never had a smashed screen or dead phone after dropping it.

Amongst our team we all have different opinions about phone cases: I always buy a drop proof case, Dan mostly uses phones without a case and Scott uses a case only at the gym and beach.

While on public transport buses and trains I often look at what kinds of phones people are using and anecdotally, many have cracked screens.

I met someone recently at work who said they’d smashed their phone screen 3 times in the last year before reluctantly buying a tough case. I would have thought the financial pain of having to pay for repairs the first time would have been enough to buy a tough case.

On the flip side though, many people argue that they’ve paid a lot of money for a beautifully designed flagship phone and they don’t want to hide the colour and cutting edge industrial design under a case. That argument has some merit as well.

What about you Ausdroid reader? We’re curious about your opinion about phone cases.

Do you use a phone case at all and if you do what type? If it’s a tough case let us know in the comments which brand has survived drops without your phone getting damaged. My recent favourite tough phone case brands to purchase are Ringke and Speck.

Disclosure Statement

I purchased the Ringke and Speck cases mentioned in this article with my own money

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Definitely have a case on my phone at all times, otherwise it would be Toddlered™ to death within a matter of days. I’m a big fan of the Ringke Fusion cases as they provide significant protection without too much additional bulk at a cheaper price than the Spigen Ultra Hybrid.

Max Luong

I don’t use cases, they add bulk and ruin the feel of a phone, especially those with glass backs.

I’ve added a dbrand skin for the Pixel in order to reduce the slipperiness of the aluminium, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go


Working on the tools and up ladders, a tough drop proof case is a must! Last time I dropped my phone was from 8 feet in the air, the case cracked and broke, the phone is like new inside! New $80 case or new $1,000 phone? I’ll take the case!


I normally just put on a skin from dbrand and touch wood it’s worked so far. Also makes the glass back on the phones much easier to grip and adds no bulk (but also no real protection).


My previous phone was a cheap Alcatel, so I just got one of those rings to hold it, but still had a cheap tempered glass screen protector (more important in my opinion). My new phone is an LG V20. I first got a tempered glass screen protector and thought I’d try just a SlickWrap skin, but it was still too slippery for my liking, so I ordered a cheap clear silicone bumper case. Unfortunately I dropped my phone in the morning on the day my case arrived, but luckily only a little nick in the metal. So I guess I’m… Read more »


Market research for store?

Andrew Priest

I actually received my new Samsung S8 today and the first thing that went on it was my previously ordered in advance Spigen tough case.


I like ultra thin cases like Caudabe or Peel. Anything thicker is going to be annoying for me.


I got burnt after twice cracking the screen on my Nexus 5 (the second time was a prompt to replace the phone completely so it wasn’t all bad). So while I would much prefer to use my phone without a case or a glass screen saver, the high cost of initial purchase, coupled with the potential cost of repairs, means I always use a case these days.

Gregory Eden

See how much it costs to replace a curved screen on a Samsung as compared to a flat screen of other devices. Then get protection!


Nearly always naked. Had a silicon type one on my first phone that my wife didn’t like. It lasted maybe 2 days. No idea how she lasted months with it.