Here’s a novel approach to home audio from Sonos and Ikea, they’re making other home items into speakers. By other items I mean a lamp and bookshelf and no I’m not kidding, this is a very cool concept and I’m seriously looking forward to hearing the results.

The SYMFONISK Table Lamp with Wifi Speaker has some of the trademark Sonos style to it as well as the simplicity of IKEA purchases. It’s also (particularly for folk with limited space in their homes) a great way to save space and reduce your cable spaghetti behind furniture.

The listed RRP is €179 and we’ve reached out to Sonos PR in Australia to confirm Aussie pricing and availability on both models. We’ve been told we’ll have an official release date for markets outside EU and USA “soon”.

The SYMFONISK bookshelf with Wifi Speaker is another great space saver, but perhaps more importantly for some potential buyers a cost saver. At an RRP of €99.95 (about AUD$160) that’s a pretty reasonable price for Sonos sound in your home.

The book-shelf speaker has many great versatile ways to blend in to a home. It can be tucked away or on display. It takes 3 kg with the bracket. With the hooks it can be attached to almost any kitchen rail. Or, just place it vertically or horizontally anywhere.

It will be very interesting to see how else Sonos choose to expand their potential markets in the future.