Previously we took a look at the Swann Floodlight camera and Swann continues to add devices to their range. The latest additions are the indoor Wi-Fi alert camera and the Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera.

Both cameras connect to the Swann Security app, a single integrated app for all of their devices. The simple addition of more camera’s to your setup makes Swann a reasonably prices, viable option for many homes.

Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera – $189.95

The spotlight outdoor camera offers all of the features and functions you’d expect in the current era including:

  • True Detect – distinguishing between a towel moving on your washing line and a person
  • Weatherproof – IP66 rated to protect your camera from the elements
  • 1080p recording – Good quality video recording and feed direct to your devices
  • 2 Way communication – allowing you to communicate with (or yell at) people in your yard
  • Assistant Integration – Who doesn’t like integration these days?

As an outdoor camera, the device will need to be more permanently fixed than an indoor camera. With an 18 meter power cable, you should be able to get power to your cameras pretty much anywhere on the outside of your home.

Indoor Wi-Fi Alert Camera – $119.95

A simple indoor camera with quality recording capability and offering the same options for as the Spotlight Outdoor minus the weather proofing. The clear intent here is to monitor your general living areas. Or to keep an eye on precious little ones as you could use the camera as a baby monitor if you choose to.

For National Crime Week, Bunnings have information sessions across a number of stores. They also have specials on a number of Swann security items that are worth taking a quick look at if you’re in the market.

Regardless of your intended monitoring location, the new additions to the Swann range continue to grow their catalogue of home security devices. For full details on both devices you can check out the links above to learn more.

We’ve had contact from Swann PR about the new devices and we’ll be taking a closer look at them soon. Keep your eyes out for that and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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The question that is never answered by manufacturers is how the camera handles remote internet viewing, and what options there are for storing and accessing the video clips. Most people have a home internet with dynamic IP, so a service is needed to get around that. In the old days, we’d need to use a third party like DynDNS, but now the camera manufacturers build this into their service – but they never say anything about that. They silently sign you up with a unique account when you install app, and it all happens in the background. That’s fine, but… Read more »

Phillip Edwards

What puts me off buying a device like this is the cloud storage requirements. I have NAS at home, so I should be able to save recordings to that and not be forced to pay a monthly subscription for cloud storage that I don’t want. So I haven’t bought a security camera yet.

Piers Porter

I have a Swann (SWADS-466CAM) with optional cloud storage. The free app is pretty bad, and for some reason they have several different apps for different ranges of Swann cameras. On the plus side it supports local storage via micro-sd, on the minus side I could never get it to work. There is a free cloud option, which gives you 24 hours to view events before they disappear. Again, this was also unreliable and sometimes there were no events because the app couldn’t connect to the camera, even for live streaming. The hardware was pretty solid and worked well day… Read more »