We first saw the Razer Zephyr under the codename: Project Hazel. Since then, more details have come to light about the device and we can officially order it… Well, register to be notified since the first batch has already sold out.

Designed to be a sustainable, eco-friendly option for regular mask wearers, the Zephyr has a lot going for it. The interchangeable N95 filters mean that the wearer is protected from the environment, pollutants and contaminants around them as are those near the wearer. With a wear time expected to be up to three times longer than a disposable mask, you’re looking after the environment with significantly less waste.

Looking at what the Zephyr can do, this isn’t a mask – it’s a wearable air purifier.

It carries air exchange chambers to ensure air flows unrestricted to the wearer, keeping them comfortable and cool with fans — capable of either 4,200 or 4,200 RPM — built into the device. The edge that will be in contact with your skin is a soft silicone to ensure a good seal, as well as dual straps for the stability of the mask on your face regardless of your size.

The feature I particularly like is that the front of the mask is transparent. This helps interactions with others feel a lot more natural and — since I work in the disability sector during the day — easier if you’re dealing with someone who has hearing, or general communication difficulties.

Now, it’s a Razer device, so it would surprise and probably disappoint many users if there wasn’t an array of RGB lighting. Fear not, the lighting is present and easily controlled through the Zephyr app — Android and iOS — so you can add your own flair.

Personally, I’m pretty keen to grab one because I spend a lot of time wearing a mask these days, so I’ve registered at Razer.com. Given the price of

  • US$99.99 for the mask alone
  • US$29.99 for a pack of 10 filters
  • US$199.99 for a Starter Pack (Mask and three packs of filters)

It seems a worthwhile investment coming into the hot Australian summer. Cloth masks certainly meet the needs of many, but in the hot weather heading our way, whether they continue being worn as diligently is debatable.

Would you consider a wearable device like this as a viable option for your daily wear? Or do you believe this is a niche market target?

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