Years ago when I had my Treo 650 one of the best things I used to use it for was as a Universal remote for my TV/VCR/DVD, since upgrading to Android phones the lack of IR port has been something I’ve missed and the recently announced LV Optimus VU 2 with IR port awakened my need to add an IR port to my phone to regain this functionality, that’s where Viatek comes in.

Viatek has just launched an Android version of their ZMart Remote, a dongle that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack on your phone. The dongle is available from AMAC in Hong Kong where they’re currently on-sale for $128HKD including delivery, this converts to just over $16AUD.

Once you’ve purchased the attachement you download the app from Google Play. The app is pre-loaded with 200,000 products covering 95% of brands on the market however for those brands not covered there is a Learn-In Command which allows you to use your existing remote to teach your phone the commands.

I’ve purchased one of these to review and AMAC has kindly supplied a second unit which we’ll be giving away when the review goes up but if you can’t wait head over to their site and grab one for yourself.

Source: Amac.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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    James Bryant

    My HTPC lets me control it with my tablet and my phone… It’s way easier – everything goes through Windows Media Centre. Downloads, Bluray, Youtube, OTA TV, USB drives… music, pictures, pandora, EVERYTHING!!!

    I don’t know how anyone lives without one these days!


    Daniel, codes for how many individual devices to be controlled, can the app have loaded?
    I’m not talking about how many devices codes are pre-loaded, but rather how many devices can be assigned for use. My current remote is an old Logitech Harmony 525, which can have codes for 10 devices.

    Daniel Tyson

    I will be testing this out Jeni have no fear I have many devices and I’m also looking to replace my Logitech 525. I`ll shoot them an email and see if they can let me know how many can be added. They’re super responsive to customer service requests for eveything I’ve asked so far.

    Phill Edwards

    Sounds good, although I recently bought an LG TV and LG provide an app that acts as a remote control over wifi. I guess this is the way things are going with smart, network-connected TVs.

    Matt Stow

    How does it go on a Galaxy Nexus with the 3.5mm jack on the bottom? Does the app know to rotate itself when you have to hold it the wrong way?

    Daniel Tyson

    Had this question myself, I`ll be trying it out on the Galaxy Nexus and will let you know


    Yes, the App will auto rotate on Galaxy Nexus

    Ben Freke

    Very interested in a review as well, especially the authorising and deauthorising of devices that can use the hardware.


    This sounds exactly what I have been looking for since I got my first droid, good find.