Nexus 4 Bumper in stock
After disappearing completely from the Google Play Store yesterday, today they have made a triumphant return. The bumper is now back in the Google Play store and in-stock, the bumper is showing a shipping time of 3-5 days. Shipping is $10.99, so the total cost to purchase the bumper is $31.98.

At the price being asked it is considered to be a pretty expensive accessory. However, I can tell you that once my Nexus 4 will be going back into it’s bumper case when it returns from repair. The bumper does add a little bit of bulk, however with a phone that is glass on both the front and the back, it may be well worth your time and money to protect it with at least something.

Head on over to the Bumper page on the Google Play store to order.

Will you be getting a bumper?

Thanks: Justin.
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Hey Guys, Proud Nexus 4 owner here. I was interested in picking up the slimport micro usb to hdmi adapter to display content on my big screen. However I can not seem to find anybody selling them. Can you point me in the write direction ?

Daniel Tyson

Hi Johnnycc, You can only really source them from Amazon that I’ve found : I approached one of our local suppliers to see if they would import them a while back but they haven’t given me an update recently, i`ll chase it up with them.

Alternatively, I would be trying to find a Miracast compatible device, like the LG DWD-300(, which you can grab off eBay for about $70-$80.

I’m personally going with the latter option and choosing Miracast. But would love to hear about your experiences with the Slimport cable if you purchase one.

Taufiq Khan

Mine just arrived – so much nicer (albeit a little less protective) than the generic cases


Yep, just ordered one. Hopefully it will minimise the speaker muffling that is happening with my current TPU case when the phone is lying flat on a table. Thanks for the heads up!


they should ship it free if you already own the phone. Shipping cost $11 to high for a $20 product.


Do people still think this is the best way to go for a case? I really want something protective, but already have skins back and front. Also want to be able to see the back, and have it the back off a flat surface so the speaker isn’t muffled, along with staying slim. Really wish they released another colour so the +1 and I could tell our phones apart.

Shane Wilson

Just ordered mine, been waiting quite some time to get one.

Tony McHugh

Damn it I bought it from eBay last week for $60……doh!

Joshua Wenham

I was notified at about 10am that they were back in stock, bought straight away, $30 is quite the price but I can’t help myself ^_^