Samsung has wasted no time in preparing accessories for their new pride and joy. The Galaxy S 4 microsite reveals a wide range of companions for their new flagship device, from a variety of covers to a gamepad and health-related accessories.

The canned response that PC World received upon contacting Samsung for more information was as follows:

Following the massive success of the Samsung GALAXY S III in Australia, we are excited to confirm the Samsung GALAXY S4 will be available from Q2. Pricing and availability will be available closer to the launch date.

Here are the accessories listed on the website, in rough order of how interesting I find them:

Wireless Charging Pad

I’m excited about this because it represents a big step towards the Qi wireless charging standard going mainstream. Although the word on the street is that “it’s up to the carrier to offer [wireless charging]”, it can only be a good thing that the biggest name in Android is rocking Qi.


Game Pad

A Bluetooth game pad built specially for the Galaxy S 4, though it appears to support any phone with a screen size of 4″ – 6.3″. It features one touch Bluetooth pairing using NFC Tectiles, and comes with all the controls that you’d expect from a game pad including a D-pad, dual analog sticks, shoulder keys and four action buttons.


Extra Battery Kit

In an age where many manufacturers are moving towards sealed, non-replaceable batteries, Samsung has stuck to its guns and opted for a removable cover, meaning that users can carry around a spare battery. Interestingly enough, Samsung has realised that their removable battery offers them an advantage over their competitors, and pointed it out as as a feature during this morning’s keynote in New York. The kit will presumably feature an extended battery which can be charged separately from the phone.


S View Cover

A cover with a window built into the top, which allows users to see notifications and indicators without having to open the cover. The cover also unlocks and locks the phone as it is opened and closed. Hipster tip: use the black cover on your ‘Frost White’ Galaxy S 4 and the white cover on the ‘Black Mist’ model.


Flip Cover

The poor man’s version of the S View Cover


Protective Cover+

The clumsy man’s version of the Flip Cover.



So uninspired that they didn’t even bother appending an ‘S’ or a ‘+’ to the name.


Fit Bit S Band

A Bluetooth fitness band designed to communicate with the ‘S Health’ app. It records steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled, as well as checking your ‘Sleep Efficiency’ by measuring how much you move while you sleep. Apparently it’s waterproof up to 10 metres.


HRM (Heart Rate Monitor)

Similar to the S Band, but designed to work with the ‘Running Mate’ app and monitor your heart rate.


Body Scale

I’m surprised they didn’t call it the S-Cale. Basically it’s a set of scalse that sends its measurements to the Galaxy S 4 via Bluetooth It supports up to 7 users and works with the S-Health app (which hopefully comes with password protection).



“Premium Hi-Fi sound experience” featuring 2 speakers in each headphone (woofer and twitter). It remains to be seen whether these will ship with the device or be sold separately (most likely the latter).


Which of these accessories are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments!

Source: http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxys4/#.
Via: http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/456455/samsung_releasing_over_10_galaxy_s4_accessories/.
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Gamepad – though it appears to support any phone with a screen size of 4″ – 6.3″ … is this hinting and confirming that the Note 3 will be 6.3″

Graham Bae

Very interesting question! Who knows 🙂


There is a Samsung store now in Sydney, so hopefully that means at least they will have the focus on accessories!

Graham Bae

Good point. Hopefully this means we won’t get gouged for postage costs and have to wait months for accessories.


Some pretty godawful looking cases there, damn

George Lu

The S View Cover is very nice. Would there be one for S3?


The S View Cover, apart from being a side flap, is a BTTF concept being flogged as an accessory in stead of being supplied as stock. Flip cover with window was fitted as standard on the old Palm m100 series released in August 2000.


It’s not really a poor man or clumsy mans case. The protective case is actually really good, I have a third party one on my S3 and it protects more than a $40 one that only protects the back and sides.

Graham Bae

Yeah, I was just having a laugh because there’s really not much to say about a case. 🙂

I’m a fan of protective cases too, and I hope the official ones come to Australia.


Ah Okay mate, I may have taken it the wrong way 🙂

Graham Bae

No worries 🙂


I’m wondering whether the bigger battery for the. S4 will fit the S3?

Graham Bae

Good question. My uneducated guess would be no, but you never know!

Jason Murray

I’m sure an enterprising third party will do it now.

Allister Roger

I can exclusively reveal none of them will be available at launch in Australia.

Graham Bae

Haha, sad but probably true 🙁

Stephen Crisafulli

If we see more than just the flip cover I’ll be shocked. Last year I think the spare batteries and the flip cover were the only things that ever got to Aus. I want the wireless charging more than any other crap

Graham Bae

Yeah, I was ranting on Twitter the other day that the worst thing about being an Australian Nexus fan is the accessory situation.

Hopefully the situation will be better because it’s a Galaxy. Fingers crossed.


I quite like the gaming pad!

Graham Bae

Let’s just hope it comes to Australia!

Milty C

I wonder if all the games are compatible with this controller or will the games need to be customized by the developers to use with this controller

Graham Bae

Hopefully it’ll have the best of both worlds: specialised support for certain games and the ability to map the gamepad buttons like a regular input method.


I’m still waiting for the official SIII wireless charging pad.

Graham Bae

That sucks 🙁

We can only hope they do a better job this time.

Peter Goncharouk

there’s always third party shippers like MYUS

Graham Bae

True, but ideally we shouldn’t need to.