Aldi - Cocoon Media Streamer
Aldi has dabbled with Android media streamers previously as part of their ‘Special Buys’ section of their catalogue. The previous model must have done alright, because they’re going again next Saturday with a Cocoon branded set-top box.

The set-top box will be selling for $59.99 as part of their ‘Special Buys’, so it’s a limited time offer. The set-top box will connect to your TV via a HDMI connection and then srteams video, music and games. The box isn’t terrible when it comes to hardware, in fact it’s pretty decent, including :

  • Quad Core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Storage expandable via microSD card or USB port
  • Wi=Fi as well as Ethernet ports
  • HDMI 1.4 port
  • 2x USB Ports
  • Physical Remote Control as well as remote control app for iOS and Android
  • Android 4.2

The inclusion of a physical remote is quite a differentiator, with most of the functionality able to be done with a Chromecast (Except the games bit). The media streamer also has the option to plug in a USB Keyboard/Mouse or USB Flash Drive or hard drive.

The box apparently comes with ‘preloaded software’ which could mean anything, but hopefully includes a media player. There’s not much more to this one, it comes with a 1 Year Warranty, so if you want one, head on in to an Aldi Store on the 11th of October and pick one up.

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    Would it be a rebranded version of


    How accessible is the android flavour on this device – not locked down?
    After all they say its android 4.2 – nothing else, so it has to be “open”, especially with the mention of 8GB storage, expandable via USB/SD…



    Hello, our cocoon has been working pretty well so far. However today when it was turned on, the audio seemed to have stopped working and we can’t seem to find out why or how to get the sound working again ;/

    If anyone has an idea or could hep, it’d be much appreciated <3


    Cocoon, AV jack does not work brought 4 boxes today.. all four no go
    HDMI all good, box is very fast .. Although this AV problem is a nuisance as two of my sets (TV) do not have the HDMI input ..

    WDTV works fine with AV leads, … rang support – they said lower the resolution on a hdmi set the plug it into the other set and maybe that will then detect it…. lol

    Guess what that did not work either… will be returning tomorrow !!


    if you do not need AV .. they will be a good basic box.

    a little faster than the CS918s box


    anyone knows how it connects to the lap top?

    panda violent

    yes, it has playstore, but you can install apk otherwise


    Just plugged this one in, it is FAST. downloaded sbsondemand, tenplay, 9jumpin, all work well, including the default abc iview. Having a bit of trouble with plus7 app, but it may be their site. After a bit of fiddling I was able to get to my NAS using ES File Explorer and the videos play much better than with my wdtv live streaming media player. I need to play around a bit to figure out how to change the defaults. No way to telnet or anything… Port Scan has started… Port Scanning host: Open TCP Port: 5555 personal-agent Open… Read more »


    Hi Paul
    How did you get the nine jump in video to play? We cant seem to get the flash player?

    Daniel Tyson

    Hi Tammie, 9Jumpin launched their Android app the other day. Load that on and you should be good to go


    OMG…You rock my world……thank you so much. Your website worked perfectly and we are now able to watch nine. Good things should come your way!! BTW love the media player, awesome for the price.


    Would this be able to act as a DIY NAS if I plug my 2TB HDD into it to stream to other computers in the network?


    The last bauhn media player had Playstore. I don’t think Aldi would approve the “new” one without Playstore.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Would it include the playstore? Hopefully right… The price is pretty good, it might be good for my folks who just need plex and rai TV…

    Also it seems a bit quite on the Android TV front… where is google’s official product?

    Daniel Tyson

    Not sure on Play Store. Can always side-load the APKs