WeMo from Belkin is a range of home automation gadgets designed to automate functions around your house, remotely while you’re away from the house, or even just from across the room. With an automated light switch, power point attachement and more they’re becoming a name synonymous with home automation, and today at CES they’ve expanded their range with a new range of sensors designed to help you monitor your home.

Belkin introduced four new sensors for WeMo, which includes the WeMo Door and Window Sensor which detects whether a window or door is open or closed, the WeMo Keychain Sensor used for detecting when someone (or a pet) has arrived or left home based on connectivity to your wifi network, the WeMo Alarm Sensor to detect alerts from existing smoke alarms and finally, the WeMo Room Motion Sensor which that detects infrared patterns from intruders in your home.

The sensors will be perfect to use in combination with the other Belkin products such as the remote switch, lights and other accessories, as well as paired with the IFTTT channels available.

As well as these new sensors, Belkin also announced they are working on the WeMo Water Sensor, which will allow you to identify common themes in your water usage – time, duration and cost – of any unit you wish to, such as toilets, showers and baths. This includes being able to calculate water consumption or detect leaks as they occur. The time frame for release of the water sensor isn’t known as yet, with Belkin conducting field trials – though they will be showing off the Water consumption app at CES.

The rest of the sensors will be coming to Australia in the latter half of the year, with Belkin announcing :

The WeMo Sensors will be available in Australia and New Zealand in the second half of 2015, with local RRPs still to be finalised. WeMo Water is currently in field trials with no information available regarding local release or pricing

We hope to get a few of these sensors to check out once they launch here in Australia, but until then you should really check out their range of home automation stuff on their website.