Samsung’s VR headset, the Samsung Gear VR which was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge at IFA last September, has finally gone on-sale in Australia.

The VR headset, which requires a Galaxy Note 4 to operate, had its launch delayed late last year. The headset was most recently seen launching on Qantas Airways, where First Class passengers will experience an array of content while using the headset in the Sydney and Melbourne International First Lounges in mid-February and on A380 flights between Sydney and Los Angeles from mid-March.

The Gear VR offers a 96° field of vision when in use, and contains an array of sensors to help you navigate through VR content. While Qantas will be offering their passengers content such as a view of the Los Angeles First Class Lounge as well as a special 3D experience from Kakadu National Park. The standard Gear VR includes movies, games and 360° videos provided by Occulus, makers of the Occulus Rift headset, which Facebook purchased last year.

The Gear VR is now on-sale through the Samsung Australia website, for $249 – which obviously doesn’t include the Galaxy Note 4 handset you need to make the Gear VR operate – in white, with free shipping included. Payment can be made through PayPal, or with Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Apparently Samsung IS offering a 10% discount if you purchase a Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4 in a single order. Simply enter the code NGEAR10 at checkout to nab it.

Source: Samsung.
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Hey Samsung Australia ….. BLOW ME !!! I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Replacing a Galaxy 3) SPECIFICALLY for the Gear VR functionality and you have had my money for the phone for months, now you offer a discount to some twit who has waited this long and buys the phone and Gear VR together. Get stuffed. Really. I am offended as a customer. You have brought shame upon your Company !!!! I have brought a Gear VR via your website, so don’t worry yourselves about that !!!! But I tell you what to worry about, The Brand of… Read more »


Awww didums.. poor hard done by you.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shut up. You sound like a child.

Sam Sung

Hey Skull, this stuff happens all the time if you rush out and buy something as soon as it is released. If your really that upset about it why don’t you write a polite letter to Samsung Australia explaining your frustrations and you never know, they may actually do something for you…

John Citizen

Definition of a first world problem right there.


Get a refund and buy it all with the 10% discount… perhaps you should stick to toy phones if you can’t even figure out how to request a refund…


No one seems to have enough brain cells to figure out the fundamental issue here. This is not a case of someone having a “Hissy Fit” because they missed out on a “Special Discount”, I mean for goodness sake we are talking about $25. The issue is more that the IT world (and all kinds of bricks/mortar businesses) these days are pushing the “Loyalty Card” or Loyalty Scheme idea, and seem to be pushing it fairly hard using Clubs, discount cards, points systems, etc. Businesses are trying very hard to get customers to be “loyal” to a brand and thereby… Read more »


Skull you seem to believe you are superior to everyone else. To us you are but a spoilt brat bitching because his ice-cream has melt all over him. You are not as god like as you would like to think you are, there are no lines to read between just the ones you make up for yourself in your own mind. If they were worried about loyalty they would do some form of credit for their existing customers who buy one, but when you think about it if they did a discount based upon already having a Note 4, which… Read more »


Marketing: “Let’s have a 10% discount if you already have a Note 4!”
Manufacturer: “But it only works with a Note 4, so that sounds a bit pointless.”