SoundPop 360_Music Flow P5
LG is gearing up for their IFA announcements next month in Berlin, and have taken the wraps off two new Bluetooth enabled speakers in their Music Flow range, the P5 and SoundPop 360.

Both speakers are aimed the customers looking for a portable speaker but ‘have high expectations for sound quality’. The Music Flow speakers also allow for multiple Bluetooth devices to connect and share music or audio to the speakers, or have one user connect to multiple Music Flow speakers to create a stereo mode. There’s also a ‘TV Sound Sync feature’ to allow you to connect the speaker to a TV with Bluetooth for a private viewing experience or to setup a personal home theatre experience.

Music Flow P5

There’s the traditional looking Music Flow P5, and the more distinct looking SoundPop 360. The Music Flow P5 has the same auto-play feature as other Music Flow speakers that begins playing music when in range and with a reported 15 hour battery life, you’ll be playing music for hours.

SoundPop 360

The SoundPop 360, LG says, is inspired by ‘a coffee tumbler’ which is designed to blend in with other furniture and appliances in a customers home. The SoundPop 360 also offers up to 20 hours of battery life.

On the release of their new Music Flow speakers, Min Byung-hoon, senior vice president of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio-video division said:

As a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), we want to help kick off the Internet of Audio (IoATM) era by launching an innovative audio ecosystem. In order to achieve this, we incorporate very high quality audio technology as well as networking systems that connect our full range of wireless audio products.

There is a downside to these LG Music Flow speakers, lack of Google Cast support which is present on the higher-end models; but with the cheaper price, portability and great battery life, that can probably be forgiven.

We’ll be checking out the new Music Flow speakers at IFA in Berlin next month, LG Australia has advised that pricing and availability for the new speakers have not yet been determined.

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Kinda similar to Google’s recently announced router. I like this trend of consumer technology blending in with our day to day household items.