Note 5 - S6 Edge+
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will launch in Australia on the fourth of September. The phones themselves are available to pre-order from a number of places, or will do so just prior. The next thing you need to decide, is how you’re going to dress your new phone.

Samsung has begun listing their accessories for both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ on their Australian website. The accessories, most of which are listed as in-stock, will ship out on the 3rd of September to co-incide with the launch, so get your orders in.

So, what is there? Well, there’s a range for both handsets:
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+:
Galaxy S6 edge+ Glitter Cover: $48.99 in Gold/Silver

Wireless Battery Pack for S6 edge+: $149 in Gold/Silver

Galaxy S6 edge+ Clear View Cover: $79.00 in Gold, Black and Silver

Galaxy S6 edge+ S View Cover: $69.00 in Silver, Black and White

Galaxy S6 edge+ Clear Back Cover: $39.00 in Black Only

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Note 5 Wireless Battery Pack: $149 in Gold only

Note 5 Clear Back Cover: $39 in Black only

Note 5 S View Cover: $69 in White, Gold, Black and Silver

Note 5 Clear View Cover: No price given, available in Gold, Black and Silver

Galaxy Note 5 Glitter Cover: $48.99 in Silver only

Other accessories, like the Wireless Charger for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ is currently listed as ‘Sold Out’ but has a list price of $89.

We expect to see more accessories arriving in the coming months such as the keyboard cover for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ that Samsung unveiled during the press announcement. Samsung Australia confirmed it would arrive, just not initially, but we’re keen to check it out when it does arrive.

Source: Samsung.
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James Z

why arent australia getting other color (gold, silver etc) of the clear back cover for note 5 and s6 edge+

Daniel Tyson

Possibly will, Samsung generally do expand their range of accessories over time. Keep watching the Samsung site and very likely your local carrier stores.