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Third party Keyboard Swype has added a few new features in their latest update which goes live today, adding Star Trek themes and a new Emoji Keyboard.

The Star Trek partnership with CBS, who owns the rights to the Star Trek franchise offers 19 themes based on Star Trek properties including The Original Series, Next Generation, Enterprise and more. There’s a variety of different themes featuring the captains: Kirk, Picard and ranging in price from $0.99 – $1.99 each with theme bundles from $2.99.

The new Emoji Keyboard is aimed at making it easier to communicate using those unicode characters, with better interpretation of your typing to let you quickly and easily browse through hundreds of different options available. The selection of emoji on the new Emoji Keyboard also includes smooth transitions and fun animations when you select a new emoji and lets you quickly access recently used emoji as well.

Speaking about the latest updates, Scott Taylor, senior vice president, Mobile Devices, Nuance said:

The latest Swype keyboard for Android demonstrates that the keyboard experience goes beyond just the words on the screen, with more options for users to incorporate their personalities and interests. So while we continue to innovate our pioneering predictive input and intelligent tracing technology, we’re also focused on equipping Swype with new features and options to give consumers the best possible experience on Android.

Swype is making great gains on other big name keyboards in the market and these latest updates are just the tip of the Iceberg. Swype has recently added improved phrase detection so more word choices appear as you type, they’ve also improved their number detection to make up for the lack of number row, for example:tapping “ejqp” suggests “3:10”, or “swpp” suggests “$200”.

If you’re new to Swype, you can trial the app for free, or if you want, you can purchase the full version of Swype from Google Play for just $1.06.

Swype Keyboard Trial
Swype Keyboard Trial

Swype Keyboard
Swype Keyboard
Price: $0.99+

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    Dam I thought it might be LCARS interface still waiting for devices to catch up with 1987. But I guess we have Apple to thank for that

    Daniel Vancer

    I just wish they’d use the same icons for emoji’s as iphone users see, the android ones look terrible in comparison


    Swype is worth every cent.