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Australian electronics company Laser has today announced their new multi-room speaker, with support for Qualcomm’s AllPlay smart media platform.

The Laser SPK-WFQ10 offers all the advantages of the Qualcomm AllPlay platform, which lets you pair and sync up to 10 speakers – from any manufacturer – and pipe audio from Spotify and AllPlay Radio, Internet radio or music from your own library using the Qualcomm AllPlay app. The connection is using WiFi and requires no additional hub or hardware to sync.

The PK-WFQ10 from Laser is a powerful speaker offering great performance for a great price, with the speaker priced at just $179.95.

Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER said of the new speaker

Australians shouldn’t have to pay a lot to enjoy the music they love, or be restricted by closed audio ecosystems. The inclusion of Qualcomm AllPlay and certified access to streaming services such as Spotify, means the SPK-WFQ10 speaker delivers the most affordable and versatile home entertainment experience today.

The speaker uses some decent hardware for the price, with 2.0 Channel Stereo and 20W Power Output. The speaker is available now in black or white from Big W, Officeworks and selected retailers and through the Laser webstie at

AllPlay Jukebox
AllPlay Jukebox
Developer: eMbience Inc
Price: Free
Source: LaserCo.
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Now if only someone would make one of these speakers with a clock and alarm functions, so it can turn on your streaming music at a given time.


So in other words this is a cheap copy of the Sonos system? and with less sources you can stream from?