Samsung 2

It’s not every day you get to scoop a Scoop, but today is such a day. We’ve spotted a Bluetooth speaker from Samsung passing through the FCC. It’s clear that this is a design-first device. That’s not to say it won’t sound great, it very well may but this is a very stylish little speaker.

The speaker includes the standard micro Bluetooth speaker set up with a leather carry strap, Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm input jack, Micro USB charging port and a microphone for hands-free calling. There was no mention of battery capacity, however, with such a small form factor I wouldn’t expect it to run all day.

Overall the speaker is somewhat reminiscent of a squat Google Home device and looks quite striking, Samsung is definitely on top of their design game this year. With IFA just a few weeks away it’s possible this little guy will be seeing the limelight sometime soon.

Source: FCC.
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Phill Edwards

2.5mm jack? I thought those things had disappeared long ago.




May be a smart home device to complete with Alexa and Google Home


we saw the instruction leaflet, it barely mentioned the mic so we’re thinking it’s just calls, but we’d happily be wrong.