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The Chromecast has been one of Google’s runaway success stories. With millions of the little dongles sold, and untold hours of music and video streamed to the devices, it’s safe to proclaim the Chromecast a complete success. Today there are rumours circulating that Google is either considering abandoning the Chrome branding for their devices or at least moving the Google brand more to the forefront. In the latest preview update to Chromecast firmware, all of the Chrome brandings has vanished and had been replaced by the now familiar multi-coloured G.


So what does this mean? To be honest, it could mean nothing, it’s a preview version, or it could mean that Google just wants to move towards a consistent branding on all of their properties to include their new logos. However, with the new 4K HDR Chromecast the Chromecast Ultra expected to launch on October 5th could we be seeing a branding change?

Google has already re-branded the underlying protocol of the original Chromecast to Google Cast. ┬áPartners who implement cast functionality into their devices – which make them more appealing if you ask me – already use the brand Google Cast. The app to control all of your cast enabled devices, be they from Google or a partner, has also been re-branded to Google Cast.

Regardless of the confidence of anyone about the Chromecast Ultra branding being correct Google could re-brand the line. If they did what would it be renamed to? Google Cast, Pixel Cast, Cast?

Do you think Google will change the Chromecast brand? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.
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I thought the protocol was always called google cast, just that ChromeCast was the first implementation.


No it started life as chromecast and moved to google cast

Benjamin Dobell

Errr, are you sure about that? Casting was a thing before the Chromecast even existed i.e. Casting music over bluetooth etc. and they’ve always used the exact same interface.