You read the headline correctly, Lenovo has just put a “mostly Android compatible” Bluetooth Blaster Controller through the FCC. That’s right Android peeps. we’re getting arms! Seriously the gamepad-style pistol controller looks to be the perfect VR/ AR companion, and as such we’rethinking that it’s either intended for Tango or Daydream compatibility. The included device holder makes it more suited to AR (hello Tango), but we shall see.

According to the instruction manual that was included in the filing the device offers full android compatibility and depending on the game extra features like a moving slide to reload your weapon. Other features include haptic feedback, headphone jack (might be a good iPhone 7 accessory) and quick pairing.


The rechargeable device has a 500 mAh battery which will give you 30 days standby, or 25 hours gameplay without vibrations or 12 hours with it on. With accessories like this hitting the FCC we’re getting very very excited for the potential of AR.

Would an Augmented blaster battle entice you to buy a Tango device? let us know below.

Source: FCC.
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Bobby Harrell

Sign me up, Already buying the Phab 2 Pro


Thats great. I was just thinking about Sega Lock On a few weeks ago and how we need an updated version.

Yianni soc

Well done lenovo! First piece of tech that’s excited me in a while! Bring on the high tech toys.