Like a lot of people I commute to work and as your electronic goodies change, so do your needs for transporting them but there’s a Kickstarter project that caught my eye called the Slim Pack.

Looking at it there is a lot to like about the slim pack, room for a up to a 15″ Macbook Pro (will also accommodate other laptops of course), a 10″ tablet, a pocket for a water bottle and still has room for various other daily use items such as notepad and other drop-in items. It’s a modular, weatherproof setup that can also have dividers removed to allow users to customise their carrying needs. The carry straps on backpacks; in my experience at least are very hit and miss with comfort so it is really pleasing to see that the designer has taken comfort into account for users.

Will the Slim Pack be something you’ll take a closer look at?

Source: Kickstarter.
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    Well that’s useful for the three people with a “macbook pro”. If it carries other kinds of laptops, why do they need do a desperate product placement ad for apple. Does it also have room for a betamax?


    In 2002 my wife bought me a Kathmandu backpack. It travels with me to work and back every day. As well as any travels I go on. To look at it, you would never guess that it is closing in on 15years old. I am often amazed by its durability.