If you’re in anyway interested in PC gaming then chances are you know Razer and their lust-worthy offerings. Razer has long made a range of great personal entertainment earphones, the Hammerhead line. Today, Razor announced their latest offering in the Hammerhead line, the Hammerhead BT Bluetooth headphones.

Razer has a particular design style with their signature black and green colour adorning their gear, and the new Hammerhead BT fits right into their lineup. Now as a PC gamer I have to admit, Razer occupies a special place in my heart and as an Android fan I am fond of green!!

From an actual headphone perspective, the Hammerhead BT boasts 10mm Neodymium drivers with a maximum input power of 10W, inline remote and microphone, Bluetooth, 160mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery offering around 8 hours of playback, yes 8 hours playback, that’s great for this style of Bluetooth headphones – though it’s a claim we hope to be checking with a review soon.

The Hammerhead BT will be sold in Australia for $169.90 via Razer’s website and should launch late April. This prices the Hammerhead BT quite reasonable alongside other quality offerings in the Bluetooth earphone market.

Source: Razer.
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Daniel Narbett

I’m also a fan of Razer stuff, and the idea (and aesthetic) of these headphones is making me unreasonably happy ; ) Thanks for the post

Nicolas Wingding Redfern

Is this an ad? It’s not really a review and has nothing to do with Android (although a vague Android reference was shoe-horned in).


I agree, plus 8 hours battery life was emphasised but really isn’t that impressive. Several in ear bluetooth headphones get, and this has been proven via independent testing, 10 hours or even longer. I would expect a bit more from Li-Po, therefore for this type of design where the battery hangs around the back of your neck, that could be considered poor. 5-8 hours battery is usually what you get with compact/cheap in ears where the battery is in the control module for volume & play/pause multi function buttons. 10-15 hours battery life is what you get where the control… Read more »

I’ve fixed the link….not sure how that got changed, weird.

As for an ad, no. We have a policy of listing any paid content as such, and this post is not one. We cover headphones and other bluetooth device launches in Australia quite regularly.

Daniel Narbett

To me the piece landed as a straightforward ‘btw here’s a cool geek thing the Ausdroid community will probably find shiny’ and I like it for that