Pokémon Go players in Japan are getting a new accessory that attaches to the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet that launched last year.

The accessory is designed to clip to the Pokémon Go Plus in place of the bracelet and be worn on the finger – if that’s the style you want to go with. Exactly why you want to do this isn’t really clear, but it’s going to be a thing, at least in Japan.

The Pokémon Go Plus lets you capture Pokémon, as well as hit Pokéstops for Pokéballs, revives, razzberries and more. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to interact with the new Pokémon gyms which also have a Pokéstop spinner on top.

The Pokémon Go Plus ring accessory is expected to cost around 400 yen (that’s about $4.54AUD), when they go on-sale today in Japan. Of course you will need a Pokémon Go Plus to attach it to and those retail for about $50AUD – if you can find one.

There’s no word of whether this will be coming to international markets yet, but we’ll soon see.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free

Source: EuroGamer.
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    Phillip Malone

    I find one of those wrist bands you get for a cause is the best way to wear mine!