At IFA, smart speakers are being announced faster than we can write about them. This time it’s Onkyo with the G3 (VC-GX30), bringing their signature Hi-Fi Sound quality as well as the Google Assistant.

The speaker is voice controlled with support from Google Assistant, so you can control smart home devices, ask it question or anything else you’d do with Google Assistant. The speaker has Chromecast built-in with dual-band Wi-Fi but no Bluetooth, though the rich system of Wi-Fi enabled speakers from their own stable as well as partner Pioneer means you should have great multi-room audio.

Onkyo has built a custom woofer with massive motor and a soft-dome tweeter into the G3. The woofer is held in place by a thick metal surround, which Onkyo says enables ‘1.5 times the cone excursion of conventional drivers for wide-spectrum reproduction.’

As well as voice commands to play, pause and change volume, a touch panel with controls is also present on the top of the speaker.

The speaker is available in both Black and White colour options made of a ‘Non-resonant computer-modeled wood enclosure with gloss finish’.

There’s been no announcements on pricing or availability as yet, we’ll be checking in with Onkyo on Monday.

Source: Onkyo.


  1. Nice to see another AV company offering an option.

    Look forward to seeing reviews to see how all these new speakers compare, especially in terms of the mic arrays.