With the slow and painful death of the 3.5mm headphone port seeming more and more inevitable, those of us who like to get audio out of our overpriced slabs of glass have turned to Bluetooth audio solutions. Personally, I have fallen in love with fully wireless earbuds, and if you ask Scott or I we’d both tell you Jabra make one of the best, if not the best on the market.

This week at IFA in Berlin, Jabra has unveiled some new SKUs within their Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t (check out Scott’s full review) range of fully wireless earbuds. The Elite 65t range is seeing a few new colours added to the product line up and the Elite Active 65t is gaining a new colour and an exclusive Amazon Alexa model.

Elite Active 65t

The Amazon Edition of the Elite Active 65t comes in a Copper Black colour variant and includes Amazon Alexa voice assistant built in. The Amazon Edition packs in all of the Alexa functionality into a set of fully wired earbuds (when connected to your phone of course).

Colour wise the Elite’s are getting a brilliant firey ‘Copper Red’ variant (Red is the new black it seems) and a wider release of the Titanium Black variant previously exclusive to the USA.

Elite 65t

The standard (not that there is anything standard about these earbuds) Elite 65t will be adding a luxurious Gold Beige variant and a stylish Copper Black to their ranks.

All of the new SKUs and colours will continue with Jabra’s excellent 5 hours battery life + 2 more charges in the case for a total of 15 hours playtime away from the power socket, that’s almost enough to get you to Berlin from Aus!

While some may have wanted to see new products I can attest that apart from slapping a little Google Assistant on a pair of these suckers that there isn’t currently a lot more I want out of a set of Bluetooth headphones, apart from Bluetooth to be less buggy but that’s outside of Jabra’s hands.

We are waiting on confirmation of which colours will be coming to Australia but early signs suggest that we will be getting the Elite Active 65t Copper Red for $329 AUD and the Elite 65t Gold Beige and Copper Black for $299, we’re waiting to hear back about the Amazon Edition.

Jabra retail fairly widely in Australia through both physical and online channels including their own online store.

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Jeni Skunk

Why no mention of the 65e in this article, despite their prominent presence in the header pic for this article?