If you’re a techie on the go, then having a portable battery that’s capable of charging everything is important. A fact that Chargeasap recognised and has focussed on with its delivery of the Flash Pro.

There’s quite an impressive list of specs on the Flash Pro (or plus for iPhone) users:

  • 25,000 mAh capacity: Enough to charge a 13-inch Macbook 1.3 times or charge a Pixel 6 Pro 7.4 times
  • Multiple USB-C ports capable of fast charging — one at 100W — multiple devices simultaneously
  • A USB-A port with 50W output to charge the big brand devices quickly
  • Wireless Charging for your earbuds, watch or phone at 15W
  • The Flash Pro itself will charge to 80% in under 45 minutes
  • 1.3″ screen displaying power output and battery capacity
  • Weighs 572.5 grams – Quite reasonable for the functionality it offers

The battery capacity and speed of charging (to and from the device) is only possible due to the batteries:

Designed by Panasonic and used by a leading pioneer of electric vehicles, used in the original Flash power bank. Graphene batteries are safer and support faster charging at lower temperatures. Flash Pro and Flash Pro Plus will still perform as if they were new, even after 5 years of daily use, with an extended 2,000 use life cycle, 4 times longer than standard batteries with only 500 cycles.

The Flash Pro has had some cosmetic work done on it also with a more aesthetically pleasing look, new button setup and thoughts towards durability. Now, your battery is (as it should be) ready to take on the rigours of life that you can throw at it.