Nvidia Shield 500GB
After ‘accidentally’ revealing a variant of their Shield Console with a 500GB storage option last month, Nvidia quickly came out and advised that the model was purely for developer partners. It seems however that this may have been a bit of deceptive marketing – read: they lied – from Nvidia, with a listing appearing on Amazon for the console overnight.

Android Police picked up the listing of the 500GB model on Amazon (which has since been removed), though screenshots were captured. The model appears to be called the Nvidia Shield Pro and if the previous leak on their own site is to be believed, will sell for US$299.

Shield Pro

Availability will be the key here, with Nvidia still not shipping their Shield range of devices directly to Australia – perhaps a listing on Amazon may fix that – though in the event of an eventual launch, there’s always shipping forwarders.

We await further developments, but the actual launch for the Shield Console and this Pro model may be coming up in early June – we’ll soon see.

Source: Amazon (Now removed).
Via: Android Police.


  1. great to see some information come to the surface on the Nvidia shields.
    They said release in May… and there hasn’t really been much news about it of late.