We’ve previously looked at the Xiaomi Box Android TV for sale from AliExpress. Despite the site’s typically lower prices, it seems the international demand combined with the limited sales of the Xiaomi Box has lead to a little eBay style pricing opportunists to jump on in and offer some for sale.

However, as part of AliExpress’ Global Shopping Festival, you can currently get a Mi Box 20% off, bringing the delivered prices down to $106.96 AUD. That makes the effective ‘shipping cost about $16 AUD if you bought the Box in the USA for $69 USD and tried to post it here.

All in all, we think this is the best deal you’re likely to get for the Mi Box for a while. If you’ve been waiting to get yourself an Android TV box, and you don’t plan on filling it with apps or games then now may be the time to buy.

Source: Aliexpress.
Thanks: Nicholas Hubert.
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Thanks for the tip also just placed an order 🙂

Daniel Fulham

Thanks for the tip, have placed an order for 1

Yianni soc

Have you guys confirmed this is the English version? I bought one stating to be English version android TV and it was Chinese model not android TV.
The response I got was, android TV only available in the US.


Isn’t the US version the only one with Android TV 6.0 and the Chinese versions are all Android 5.0/1?

Yianni soc

The one I got said it was English android 5.0. Can’t find English option anywhere and seller was no help.
Ima have to get my rooting on, to get English and Google play. Haven’t looked into it fully, but I hope I can flash android TV on it.


On the listing it says it supports English comment image

Frank Wallace

You can change the language in the settings.

Yianni soc

I’d love to find out where, if you have info on this?
My one doesn’t have android TV, must be the standard xiaomi China software because I haven’t found a language option at all.