As our lives become more digital, we’re steadily relying more on connectivity and storage solutions. If your data is completely cloud-based, you’re potentially at risk of losing access. The other consideration is services like Google Photos removing free storage levels. That’s where solutions like a NAS or portable drive become far more important than we realise until it’s needed.

Enter the Canvio Flex from Toshiba, a highly adaptable drive that can connect to all of your devices. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, iPad or other device provided you have a port to connect to – you’ve got your data. The connectivity is broad enough to work for almost anything given the drive (up to 4TB) have both USB-C and USB-A capability.

This broader connectivity is welcome by many users like myself who often carry a USB drive, as well as a portable drive for quick access. While I’m not typically transferring massive file dumps while mobile, the 5Gbit/s transfer rate makes this ideal for creative professionals on the go also. Angela Walker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Dynabook ANZ echoed these sentiments:

This next generation of Canvio portable storage device delivers seamless portability, high storage capacity and broad compatibility on a broad range of USB devices offering a smart, versatile solution to save, secure, and protect your files.

The Canvio Flex illustrates our commitment to advancing consumer HDD design to meet the evolving needs for storage solutions suited for a broad range of consumers, including multi-platform users, business professionals and photographers.

The drives are available in 1TB for $85, 2TB for $99 and 4TB for $149.00 sizes online through the Officeworks site and should be appearing in-store from early August.