Sonos is bringing us some new colour options for its awesome little Roam ultraportable speaker – Wave (blue), Sunset (red/orange) and Olive (green).

Launching a portable speaker while much of the world was going through lockdowns and stay-at-home orders can’t have been easy, but the end result was an extremely capable product offering quality sound and 10 hours of battery life on the road.

Roam is a neat little device with an IP67 rating, USB-C and Qi wireless charging and it’s also a fully functioning member of your Sonos ecosystem, switching to Bluetooth when it’s out of range of your Wifi network.

The new colours for Roam are inspired by places you go – places that, Sonos hopes, you’ll take the speaker. Landscapes, coastal beaches, pools, desert sands and evening skies.

Roam’s new colours will be going on sale on June 17 for $299 — the same price as the original Roam release.

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