Streamers know how much effort goes into making a live stream smooth, professional and engaging for viewers. It’s also recognised how much a device that offers quick feature triggers like the Elgato Stream Deck makes it. Now, Razer has added to that market with the Stream Controller.

The device costs a hefty AU$459.95 in comparison to $AU$259.00 for the Stream Deck. On paper at least, there are a number of very good reasons for that. The Stream Controller doesn’t just have shortcut keys/triggers, it’s also got programmable buttons. These allow users to set up multiple workspaces for streaming and productivity purposes such as editing a recent stream.

Pretty much every button, dial and shortcut on this device is customisable in some way. Impressively, there is also haptic feedback on controls making it easier to trigger features, or change settings without looking away from your screen. While it’s clearly aimed at streamers, this is a compact and hugely functional tool that can have applications in multiple production environments.