The age-old debate and one that doesn’t have a clear answer. iPhone and Android have always locked horns over new releases, technology advances, and displays. Customers of each are loyal to the bitter and will support their mobile choices. However, this friendly rivalry can sometimes turn sour. When online dating, you’ll encounter people from both sides, and it’s important to either not draw attention to it or to keep it light. At the end of the day, it’s all a bit of fun and shouldn’t get in the way of your dating life.

If you’re ready to embark on the dating adventure, then you may be interested in meeting mature tenders, but be warned, as older guys and gals may be experienced and interesting, but they adore their worldviews and will argue with you to no end with it. It includes which dating platform to use, phone choice, and, the most dangerous out of them all, politics. Mature dating allows your love life to be reborn in new and exciting ways, bringing you connections you’ve always dreamt of, but using tips to succeed won’t hurt. The stereotype says that among mature singles, you will likely encounter more people with Android phones than iPhones. Although, you’ll need to know both how to successfully navigate this dating scenario.

How to Overcome the Differences

The change in platforms means that there can be a difference in layout, accessibility, and features, even perception of a world and information. However, this shouldn’t stop you from finding love! The differing displays shouldn’t stop you from chatting and getting to know them. So, no need to fret about their phone and how they could receive messages. The personalities attached to iPhone and Android are surprisingly different and could impact responses and attitudes while online dating. Android users typically pay attention to detail and will focus more on the bigger picture. iPhone users, however, will care about aesthetics and finding the easiest route to achieve it.

The same often goes for everything in their lives, including online dating habits and personality traits! Neither is better or worse than the other, but each side thinks their right. To help, we’ve divided our advice into two sections. One for iPhone users to read and understand, the other for Android. Let’s dive in!

Tips for iPhone Users When Dating

  1. Be confident with your opener. A simple “Hi” goes a long way but be confident when you do it. Many people take a shy approach and maybe put themselves down right away to seem approachable. This gives off to iPhone users, usually more confident of the bunch, the wrong vibe and will slow your progress.
  2. Find common interests. Understanding a common ground will make the experience better when getting to know someone. This may be obvious right away from their profile or may announce itself during the talking stage. Regardless, be vigilant and seek common interests and hobbies.
  3. No matter your gender, it’s always nice to get compliments and even better to give them. When getting to know people, don’t shy away from showing appreciation for their appearance. Always give compliments when you can and when it seems appropriate.
  4. Ask for their input. When working things out in your life or simply deciding on nail color, ask them! Say you value their opinion and watch their interest grow.
  5. Invite them out. Doesn’t have to be on a date; this could simply be to run errands or to grab a coffee, keep things chilled to avoid pressure on everyone.
  6. Leave them wanting more. The downside to online dating is that a lot of information is available at once. Try to add some allusiveness to your dating life to keep potential partners on their toes. And those who use iPhones and Macs operating systems do love the “one more thing” trope Steve Jobs was so known for.
  7. Be honest. During all of this, it’s vital to remain true to yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of lying to appear cooler. You need to find a mature single that likes the real you.

Tips for Android Users When Dating

  1. Don’t end things prematurely! If your response appears to end the conversation, add a question to the end. It can be on a different topic; if it starts another conversation, you’re a winner.
  2. Don’t be invasive. While asking more questions is great, avoid asking anything too invasive. If it’s too early on, it can scare people off. Keep the topics light until you’re at a stronger stage.
  3. Use your humor! Making someone laugh is your fast track to love no matter who you are. Some iOS users tend to joke about Android users having a great sense of humor as to why they had to buy “that” otherwise. Yet there’s a reason you always see these stand-up comedians with girlfriends. If you want to win hearts in the mature dating scene, you need to bust some jokes and have fun.
  4. Don’t be shy; tease them. Just because you want to be in their good books doesn’t mean you can’t keep them on their toes. When you’re closer and feel confident, tease them about little things…maybe the phone they decide to use?
  5. Don’t be too available. This may sound counterintuitive, but if you’re constantly available to them and seem to have no life away from online dating…it can put them off. Go out with your friends, have an active real life, and show them your diversity of activity. Be a Pixel or a OnePlus, not Xiaomi, if we’re talking Android fan’s language.
  6. Show an interest in their life. This may seem obvious, but when you’re getting to know someone shows an interest in a mature singles life. Ask questions about their hobbies and engage in stories. Android users love to talk about things they enjoy, but don’t memorize a creepy amount of information, only enough to show that you listen/ care.
  7. Keep some details to yourself. To keep safe online, you need to protect your information. Be sure not to give out information that could be used to access profiles or important documents.
  8. Get your flirt on. It’s easy to get stuck in your head and be too shy to flirt, but start off small and build to the big gestures.

Mature dating feels like a big step from single and responsible to flirty and dating. However, with these tips, you can navigate online dating and at least not fall into the typical holes around this Android/ iPhone divide and debate.

Be open to new experiences and appreciate what these different platforms (and different people) can bring to the dating world and to your life.