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Business and essay writing don’t seem like two things that go hand in hand. But there are a lot of subjects that require you to do writing assignments. Business is not an exception. Gladly, there are only two main types of business essays: a case study and a discussion-type essay. The latter may confuse you with its broadness, as they force you to delve into topics like:

  • How will the current economic situation impact businesses?
  • What tactics should companies employ to maintain their competitiveness in a global market?
  • What opportunities and difficulties exist for businesses in developing nations?
  • In what ways has technology altered how businesses function?
  • What does the future hold for business?

It’s easy to get lost in topics like that. Thanks to the broadness of the subjects, you may start as a professional essay writers and end up being a thesis author.

Case studies are easier. You delve into a particular case, a particular success story, and delve into how it was created, what it offers, and what the future may hold for it. All you have to do is pick a subject. And why not check out the growing trend of super apps?

What Is a Super App?

A super app may sound like a novel concept, but in reality, it was first coined by Mike Lazaridis, the BlackBerry creator, in 2010. He even went further into explaining the concept of the prospective revolutionary idea. To Lazaridis, a super app was a closed environment of multiple applications. So, instead of having a separate app for each service, you can have an app responsible for several services at once.

Basically, a super app is close to all-in-one platforms, where customers can access all services they may need in one location. The main benefit is that you don’t have to download different apps and learn how to use each of them. The same thing is implemented in all essay writing services, so that students do not have to switch between different sites, but find everything in one place! For example, in this annotated bibliography writing service, you can find all kinds of services related to bibliography writing.

The first super app is yet to appear on the American market, but they are already available in Asia and Europe. Let’s have a look at three of them, which you can consider worth writing your business essay on.


微信 or, as it is known in the English-speaking world, WeChat is a Chinese instant messaging app. It was first introduced in 2011, and less than a year later, the app had more than 100 million users. That could be the end of the success story here, but WeChat is worth billions not just for being an instant messaging app. We are talking about super apps, after all, aren’t we?

Aside from instant messaging, WeChat offers payment services. It’s not an instant payment service, as the transactions take time, depending on the payment method.

There’s also the Enterprise WeChat. It’s a business communication chat, but aside from the usual chat features, it allows employees to track sick leaves and travel expenses and clock in and clock out. And that’s not all: currently, WeChat has 600,000 mini-programs for different purposes.


The British-Lithuanian financial super app was launched in 2015. Seven years later, its customers are making over 150 million transactions on a monthly basis.

Sure, the amount of monthly transactions is insane, but the world is full of financial apps nowadays — a new financial app arrives almost every day — where’s the catch? The catch is that making transactions is not the sole function of Revolut.

Revolut offers fee-free currency exchange — including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, and XRP — banking services and stock trading. And thanks to the super app’s policy, users can improve their financial health and gain knowledge on recent fintech innovations around the world.


Omni offers a success story that you won’t give to one of the best essay writing services, as you would want to write it on your own. How has a bike-sharing app that went almost completely unnoticed become one of Central America’s fastest-growing super apps? So, Omni started as a Costa Rican bike-sharing app. But its creators picked the wrong time for the release, as the COVID-19 pandemic was about to strike.

Instead of canceling the project altogether, the creators decided to transform the app into an entertainment platform that offered live music streaming. Then, banking, financial, bus, and healthcare services were added to Omni. That’s how Omni went from a lousy 1000 bike shares to 500,000 downloads on Google Play – a smash hit for anything coming from Costa Rica.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to predict whether the super apps are the future of digitalization or just a temporary fluke. But being around for more than a decade is a pretty nice start. Are they here to stay or not? To answer this question, one must be a fortune-teller. Regardless of that, super apps are worth writing your business essay on.