What you can see above is not all that much of a surprise, with the way Tablets of all shapes and sizes are selling, Carriers want to keep pumping them out and make money to upgrade/fix their networks. What this Tweet got me thinking about is what Tablets would you like to see launched here in Australia? Usually we miss most of the cool gadgets or they’re launched later here than anywhere else in the world. We already have a handful of Honeycomb Tablets available from different retailers, but it never hurts to have more, right? So in the comments let us know what Tablet or what specs you’d like to see on an upcoming Tablet. Let me get the ball rolling with what I’d like to see:

  • Quad-Core NVIDIA Project Kal-El (Tegra 3) CPU
  • 1920×1160 10.1″ Super TFT IPS Display
  • Android 3.1+ (obviously)
  • Thin and light, but have a solid build (less plastic)
  • Quadband HSPA+ / Wi-Fi a/b/g/n / Bluetooth 3.0
  • HDMI-out
  • 8000mAh Battery
  • Preferably below $700

Hey, a boy can dream!

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Isaac Jacobs

Hp TouchPad baby.


+1 for the HTC 10″ tablet, but I’d settle for the Flyer being readily available…


IPS?!?!? PSSSSHHHH inferior crap. AMOLED+ with a higher density pixel count 😀
<3 Samoled+

Happy now

Really pleased with my $596 32G Acer A500 – just want the 3.1 upgrade (which is promised within weeks) and I will be plenty happy.


Galaxy Tab 10.1′ please.


How about that rumoured 10″ tablet from HTC coming over here? I like to see that.


* Quad-Core (not only Nvidia one. TI and the Snapdragon ones also could be great) * 1920×1160 10.1″ Display. (Both the Super IPS LCD and Super Amoled+) * Matt finish gorrilla glass (I hate the glare) * Android 3.1+ (agreed) * Thin and light, but have a solid build (agreed) * Quadband HSPA+ (well at least have a WiFi model and a 3/4G model. I like to hotspot with my phone) * Wi-Fi b/g/n (forget the A crap) * Bluetooth 3.0 (agreeed) * Certified Wireless USB * USB 3.0 ports * HDMI-out (agreed) * 64Gb internal * SD card for… Read more »

Avon Perera

More awesome please. Actually… what I REALLY want is a built in Wacom Intuos digitizer and a 12 inch screen so I can use it as a digital sketchbook (IPS panel and 1920×1200/1920×1080 res would also be epic, but a little extreme). That, and the supporting software – Corel Painter, Sketchbook Pro, Sketchbook Designer and a fully featured Photoshop

Scott Ditchburn

Yer unfortunately there isn’t anything overly good in terms of android but you can get most if not all of that from a windows tablet such as Asus EEE Slate EP121 (http://goo.gl/9tEWu)

only thing is it’s only 1280*800 and win7 (intel i5 so porting android would be a pain)

Ian Tester

I’d really like a device that can adapt and change, which is why I like the look of the Asus Eee Transformer – it can be a tablet or plug into the keyboard base and be more like a smartbook/netbook/notebook. The next step would be a desktop dock that would allow you to use a full-size keyboard, mouse, and monitor; so HDMI output and USB would be important. My only concern with the Transformer is the software – is Android (even 3.0) really suitable for a netbook or even desktop computer? Being able to switch to a full(-ish) Linux desktop… Read more »

Scott Ditchburn

Why not just buy a xoom it has  1. HDMI so you can plug it into a monitor2. A keyboard http://goo.gl/g3Xyo + Dock http://goo.gl/g4F58 // Dock with speakers http://www.motorola.com/consumers/US-EN/Speaker-Dock-for-MOTOROLA-XOOM-US-EN.do?vgnextoid=5f2d6106211fc210VgnVCM10000081bbb00aRCRD 3. Telstra have announced they will be fast tracking the 3.1 update 4. 3.1 brings a massive amount of USB drivers so i wouldn’t be surprised if you could just grab you mouse and plug it in (even if you can’t root it and add the drivers manually) Ohh and you can boot Linux on it… Not that it would be that fast as android is mobile optimized and most linux distros are desktop/laptop/netbook optimized (Trust me it… Read more »


True. Happy as a pig in mud with my xoom. And atrix

Scott Ditchburn

I want to see some snapdragon tablets, Nexus S still holds the top spot (Custom ROM // Quadrant benchmark) over all tegra 2 devices.

BTW for a good laugh have a look at this tweet

Vodafail if i ever did see one


That tweet is an epic fail of the highest order!

Buzz Moody

Oh holy crap that’s hilarious


1920×1160? 1920×1200 would make more sense I think, assuming 10% of the vertical resolution for Honeycomb buttons, giving a viewing area of 1920×1080 for content. But I may be wrong.

Buzz Moody

You might be right, I just added on an extra 80 pixels like what’s on the current devices


I am liking the look of the Samsung 8.9 tbh… How about the rumoured nexus tab at the end of the year? Voda do have a history of nexus devices.

Personally i only want a wifi only tab so the above is great news

Sean Hatton

USB 3.0 would be nice…


I’m famous again!
All because I stirred up Vodafone again about their tablet offerings.  :)I have had a DM from them stating that there are a number of options coming soon including they’re looking into wifi only tabs for people who utilize their Android hotspot function on their phones.  No specific models mentioned though.


Now that’s what I call dreaming, but yes all of the above. And true it’s really annoying that we have to wait sooooi long for ztuff that is released elsewhere.