Motorola have announced that the first carrier for the Xoom 2 in Australia is Telstra. On paper, the Xoom 2 is well up there on current market specs and frankly after the disappointing Xoom I hope that Motorola got it right this time.

The Xoom 2 features:

  • 10.1″ screen
  • 1.2ghz Dual Core processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 32GB Storage

and it’s much thinner than the original.

It’s available on the $29, $39, $49 and $89 data plans with hardware repayments. Check out the Telstra site for more details HERE

Now the really good bit, not only is it thinner, lighter and faster than the original Xoom…

Motorola have stated that it WILL (as expected) be upgraded to Ice cream Sandwich quite soon although no date has been confirmed yet.

Source: Telstra.
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well I hope to be like will be.By the way, if you want to send free messages from the computer to cell phone enter if it works


Jbhifi have this…saw it today. Had a play. Dont rate it.


Only thing this has on my original XOOM is its thinner and lighter nothing else.

I actually have my XOOM at 1.5ghz with ICS (eos) with nova launcher and it’s quite fast.

I would only upgrade for tegra3 or cortex a15 with LTE and Telstra is taking thier sweet time for phones and tabs on that front!


This seems really dated. But im sure these were available late last year on some grey import sites. I generally dont pay attention to moto though.

iPad 3, Transformer Prime or nearly most other tablets will obliterate this.

Expect a new flagship in a few months as moto does.


Seems a very incremental upgrade compare to the original Xoom. 


I wouldn’t trust anything Motorola says about upgrading firmware…


Meh. Last years tech still. Where’s the Tegra 3 Motorola?

Chris Boxsell

 Exactly, for a small amount more you can get the Transformer Prime. Me, I am looking forward to the note 10.1


 Yeah, it all seems to be about the Note 10.1 right now.  That is the reason I decided to put of buying the Prime. Then again I think I am spoiled as I am STILL in love with my Gigabyte t1028x, despite it now well and truly showing grey hair and other signs of old age, nothing can match it in function or flexibility.  The Prime would have been close, but the Note will be better.