Touch Keyboard ChromeOS
It appears that the ChromeOS team is experimenting with touch enabled features in ChromeOS with Francois Beaufort posting a video on Google+ of the new feature. The on-screen keyboard was reported a while back but now appears to be available, at least to those running in the Dev Channel.

The on-screen keyboard is made available by enabling a flag in Chrome via chrome://flags and obviously a device with Touchscreen is required to utilise the feature, meaning that at this stage the only device using it is the Chromebook Pixel.

Chrome Flag - virtual keyboard

Once you enable the flag, you’ll need to restart your Chromebook and then the keyboard basically appears on-screen whenever a text field is selected.

On-Screen Keyboard

With the Pixel being the only device that can currently use the on-screen keyboard, it’s a fairly niche option. Rumours are circulating of lower end touch-screen based ChromeOS devices coming out around Google IO and with Windows 8 touch-screen laptops heading into the lower end of the market this is not a great stretch. Check out the video of the on-screen keyboard in action below :