Google announced on their blog this morning, that Android 5.1 would be rolling out to Nexus devices today. The first signs of this have shown up with Google releasing factory images for selected Nexus devices on their developer page.

There’s currently three images released so far, for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012) Wi-Fi and Nexus 10 and the associated Binaries (Drivers) for the 5.1.0 build are also available on the developers page as well. The build that’s made it to prime-time is Android 5.1.0 (LMY47D), the same we’ve seen in our server logs.

To download the images and flash them head on over to the Nexus Factory Images page and download them right now, or if you wait a few days we should have some links to Over The Air (OTA) packages for you to flash.

Source: Nexus Factory Images.
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Will wait for the OTA, don’t want to constantly be reseting my phone flashing these updates


Has telstra blocked OTA again


Google always seems to roll out updates in a strange order. I would have thought rolling it out to the N6 and N9 first would have made more sense. And why roll it out to the N7 (2013) and N10 ahead of more recent tablets?

Peter Massey

BAM! Time to see if this saves my Nexus 5 from being frisbee’d across the room. Lollipop did a number on this device.


Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad.. I do agree however it was poorly done and not ready. The release of 5.1 was again a joke, don’t release it on new devices and not on your nexus devices. I can only hope they held it back to iron out the bugs, there have been too many roaches already.

Peter Massey

Not sure about your experience but my N5 and N7 with Lollipop, to date, has been atrocious! The N5 needs to be restarted at least twice a day due to network drop outs, refuses to switch between WiFI and 4G or 4G gets ‘lost’ so I need to manually turn on/off Celluar data. The battery is below 50% before I even get to work, so 2 hrs since full charge, granted high screen usage, but when it used to be around 60-70% when I played Ingress on the way to work too! The memory leak w/ apps closing is frustrating… Read more »

Marné Prinsloo

My Oneplus One still leaves me with around 70% at the end of the day on 4.4.4, I hope the switch to 5.1/5.2 does not affect the battery life like it has for your N5.


Thanks pretty horrible and sounds like it’s beyong the usual bugs. Have you tried a factory reset?

Andrew Palozzo

Hmm.. wonder where nexus 6 update is? also i wonder if they do anything re. nexus 6 and encryption. I find my n6 very slow sometimes.


I have the same issue with nexus 6, and sometimes it’s unbearably hot(temp around 45C), does anyone having heating issue with Nexus 6. I hope I didn’t get a faulty piece..:P