Xperia Z4 Tablet
Sony is expected to launch their Xperia Z4 Tablet in Australia at some stage, but so far there’s been no announcements made. The fine folks over at Expansys has put together a bundle for you to check out which includes the tablet, keyboard dock and a bonus extra from Microsoft.

The Expansys bundle includes the LTE model of the Xperia Z4 Tablet with 32GB of storage, the official BKB50 keyboard dock which includes a trackpad and pairs via NFC, it also includes a 1-year subscription to Office 365. The bundle costs a fairly pricey $1,014.99 + Delivery, but it’s a pretty nice package.

If you’re not in the mood for a bundle, and just want the tablet, you can of course grab one in Black or White by itself for $899.99 + Delivery.

If you want the tablet early, and from our time spent hands-on with the Z4 Tablet, it’s worth getting your hands on it as soon as possible, then head over to the Expansys Australia website and check it out.

Source: Expansys.
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Seriously? Still no news when this will be released here?

My money is ready and waiting (not for Expansys’ prices though…)


We know it will be here soon, probably within the next month or so. Sony have told us as much; we just don’t know a precise date or local pricing yet.


It looks like a really nice device like most Sony gear but just too much


If it was a few hundred cheaper I’d consider it, but it is just too much, even considering 4G and 32GB of storage. Really liking my Xiaomi Mi Pad. Lacks 4G, but an awful lot cheaper (also, 64GB internal storage).