Samsung surprised us all last week when it suddenly announced its new tablet range – the premium Galaxy Tab S4 and more budget-conscious Galaxy Tab A 10.5″ – by sending the products live on their website and publishing product videos on YouTube.

Since then, we’ve been waiting for local pricing and availability information, and today we’ve got it.

Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung’s latest pride and joy in tablet form is a 10.5″ model with slimmed down bezels, a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM. There’s a big focus on productivity with Samsung’s DeX desktop mode, keyboards and dock accessories on offer to put the tablet to work for you.

The Tab S4 will be coming to Australia in both Wifi and 4G versions, with either 64GB or 256GB of storage, in both Ebony Black and Fog Grey. Pricing is on the high end of the 10.5-inch tablet spectrum, which we suspected would be the case after hearing the overseas pricing last week.

  • 64GB Wifi – $979
  • 64GB 4G – $1179
  • 256GB Wifi – $1179
  • 256GB 4G – $1379

If you’re thinking about preordering but not sure, there’s a big bonus for preorders: until the tablet goes on sale, retailers running preorders will sell you the tablets’ 256GB versions for the 64GB price. Maybe that’ll tip you over the edge?

The Galaxy Tab S4 goes up for preorder today, and will go on sale on August 24. Preorders are available from Samsung direct (online and in-store) and from a number of retail partners.

Galaxy Tab A 10.5″

If the Tab S4 is a bit rich for your blood, but you’re still in the market for a new tablet then the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 might be for you. Unlike its big brother, the Tab A 10.5 is a more budget-minded affair. It borrows a number of features from the Tab S4 like its 10.5-inch 16:10 display and four speakers with Dolby Atmos certification and promises to bring you a lot of entertainment for a little price.

The Tab A 10.5 will go on sale today starting at just $449 (Wifi) and $649 (4G). It’s got 32GB of storage built in, and a Micro SD slot will allow you to expand its storage by up to 400GB of space.

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Jeni Skunk

I’m waiting and hoping for a Tab A5 10.5 with S Pen to eventually be launched.
Having now used my Tab A6 10.1 with S Pen, for nearly a year and a half, for me, no S Pen, no sale.

Luke Roberts

That is just absurd!!

I remember buying a TAB S2 wifi a month or so after realease at office works for $549 …. At the time it was Samsung’s flagship tablet and ostensibly the same ” product” as the S4 and competes against the same market……but the S4 is double the price???


It just seems like none of the manufacturers understand where the market is. All of them seem to want to do an apple, with apple profit margins. Meanwhile wages are static and critical costs of food and utilities are continuing to rise. Nobody is going to pay laptop prices for a tablet (they aren’t even paying laptop prices for laptops).

Stephen Woots

makes the Chromebook a bargain. Have they made that available locally yet?


Agreed. I won’t be purchasing at that price, plus keyboard etc. I’ll wait until Google release the Pixelbook in Australia, pay the $$ and have the ultimate

Stephen Woots

Whilst I’m keen to see it available locally, for support etc, I didn’t wait, got one off Amazon last year. Overall, pleased with it, pretty good product.

Allan Thomas

Pleased to hear that, Stephen. If Google don’t release it locally, I think I’ll get my American mate to buy one and ship it to me.