Monday , June 26 2017

Ausdroid's News

GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou not enough? Qualcomm agrees.

These days most of our mobile phones come with not just “GPS” but multiple ‘positioning systems’ built-in. The USA based GPS (Global Positioning System), the Russian-based GLONASS, (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System) and the Chinese BeiDou (Běidǒu wèixīng dǎoháng xìtǒng). Maybe that isn’t enough.  Today’s announcement from Qualcomm will see the …

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The next emoji are here, and we’ve got Bacon

That’s right, you read correctly Bacon. Streaky, tasty digital bacon. In case that’s not enough for you the Unicode consortium also announced another 71 non-bacon emoji. So what other emoji are joining their Japanese inspired pictograms? Take a look. Rolling On The Floor Laughing Face With Cowboy Hat Clown Face …

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