Ever rooted something and wished you hadn’t? Now you can undo it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_viwAMoIcJM We at Ausdroid have occasionally experienced this kind of remorse, and no, you dirty people out there, we're not talking about regretting our Saturday night exploits. Rather, we're talking about what happens if you've modified your phone and all of a sudden you need to rely on that precious warranty to get it fixed. If you've rooted your phone, there is a possibility that this will be blamed for whatever's gone wrong, and so if you are thinking of calling in a warranty service, you might want to consider this. Unrooting can be done by hand, and some of the... Continue reading

Facebook Home not enough? Facebook Chat Heads might wet your whistle

Facebook Home might not be to your liking; some people like what they've seen, and others surely don't. However, one aspect of the new Facebook experience is available here, now, and it doesn't even seem to be too bad! Facebook's standalone Messenger application has been updated to include the new Chat Heads feature, which overlays Facebook messages on top of your normal Android workspace. I'm not a huge Facebook user myself -- I really only use it to share photos with family -- but others who are have tried this feature and tell me it's pretty neat. Update: After a number... Continue reading

Facebook Home launches, install it onto any device now

Facebook have today launched Facebook Home -- their replacement launcher for a variety of Android devices (those being: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One, One X, One X+). So if you own one of those device, you can try and go to the Play Store and install it (might not work at the moment, as it's mainly a US launch). However, if you're wanting to install it on almost any Android phone, then follow these simple instructions as posted on XDA-Developer forums. Root is not needed, however, if Facebook is preinstalled on your phone... Continue reading

Telstra’s LG Optimus G gets rooted, unlocked, and Cyanogenmodded

We've been playing with the LG Optimus G for a little while now, and while we loved it in our review, we're liking it a whole lot more now. Yesterday, we received a tip that the specific variant of the Optimus G on sale in Australia had been rooted and unlocked. Having had some failed attempts at this in the past, I was keen to give this a try to see what could be achieved. Well, it seems, it's not all that difficult. For those needing a quick introduction, this: rooting and unlock your phone... Continue reading

The Chrome OS Improvement Bus Rolls On

If you have been paying attention it will seem like every day there is something new being committed to or proposed for Chrome OS.  Today there are yet more interesting little tidbits that the some enthusiastic people have found while hunting through the source commits for Chrome OS. Screenshot Notifications If you've ever taken a screenshot inside Chrome OS you may have noticed the very quick screen flicker (my description) that occurs.  If you haven't noticed it that's because it's very easy to miss.   Under the new proposal a notification will come up showing the capturing of the screenshot... Continue reading

Google Glass Explorer Edition to ship within the next month

Further to Google's announcement yesterday of the Glass Collective being launched by Google Ventures, today we're seeing news that developers could get their hands on a developer edition of Google Glass -- named the Glass Explorer Edition -- within the next month. What we don't know is when a consumer device will ship, but for lucky developers at least, the $1,500 device is more than likely just around the corner. This makes good sense time-wise, as we all know that Google I/O 2013 is just around the corner as well. It's hard... Continue reading

Babel Rumours: Feature list, iOS interface and more

With all the rumours, leaks and particularly the screenshots that are appearing more consistently by the day it seems more and more likely that Google Babel is in fact real, and fast approaching. In a way it doesn't feel right labelling these posts as rumours, but until there's an official announcement, we've no proof that Babel is in fact a "real" product. It's probably fair to say that Google's many and varied messaging solutions have caused users a headache or two at some stage - even we get confused from time to time - so a clear effort to... Continue reading

Google Ventures announces the Glass Collective

Google's venture funding arm - Google Ventures - has launched a campaign seeking to encourage developers and entrepreneurs to make the most of Google Glass. The Glass Collective is an alliance between 3 firms - Andreessen Horowitz, KPCB and Google Ventures themselves - looking to help fund startups entering the Google Glass space. They recognise that Glass is an exciting new technology that could potentially be a turning point in connectivity and the ability to deliver real time information to all users users. Whether it's a social experience, delivery of real time information -... Continue reading

Got a new Chromebook? Get FREE Google Drive space!

As the owner of a brand new Chromebook, you'll be familiar with the device's limited onboard storage. When you live and work online, you don't really need a lot of local storage, and your Chromebook's tight integration with Google's free products and services means you can keep all your important documents on Google's servers and access them wherever you might be. $120 value over 2 years Even Google's free services have limits - for most people, that's 5 GB on Google Drive (Gmail has a separate quota). While 5 GB is a lot of space for storing documents, it won't get... Continue reading

Close Button in ChromeOS about to be Exxed?

Most will admit that Chrome OS, in its relative infancy, still has a few rough edges that need smoothing and polishing.  It seems that the design gurus at Google are looking at looking to do just that.  The proposed changes that may seem minor but each minor improvement to the UI of Chrome OS is a welcome improvement in my opinion. The first change proposed was to change the "radial" menu to a more android-like dropdown menu.  The developer stated: While pretty and conceptually interesting (radial menu), the window controls are hard to understand by a lot of people. We... Continue reading

Samsung announce 6.3″ LTE and 5.8″ 3G HSPA Galaxy Mega phones

Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Mega phones. The Mega is actually two phones, one is a 6.3" phone with HD display and LTE radios while the smaller Galaxy Mega 5.8" is has a qHD resolution screen with only HSPA radios. Samsung has obviously found a lot of success with the Galaxy Note series of phones and has decided to continue this trend of phones with large screens although these models will be sans S-Pen, the stylus included with the Galaxy Note series. JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics said “We are aware... Continue reading

Vodafone update the HTC One SV to Jellybean starting tomorrow

The Vodafone blog has been updated with news that HTC One SV owners will be excited to see, starting tomorrow HTC will be pushing out an Over The Air(OTA) update to their device which will see it update from Android 4.0.4 to Android 4.1.2(Jellybean). There will be an official post outlining the update, the delivery and the features of the update which will be posted tomorrow via the Vodafone Blog although most of these roll-outs tend to be staggered over a week, so if you don't receive a notification to update your phone tomorrow don't worry the update... Continue reading

Chrome Beta Updated: More web, less chrome

Google have recently updated Chrome Beta with a few nice little features and one that many users have been calling for since the release of Chrome on Android: Full screen web browsing. This feature has been available in the stock web browser for as long as I can remember and may have even been there from the beginning and it is good to see this feature finally make it to Chrome. You will only notice this on smaller devices such as phones which I believe is a good thing. Tablets have the screen real estate to be able to always... Continue reading