Samsung Exits Australian Market

Samsung's Australian PR company this morning announced that the Korean electronics giant will exit the Australian market prior to the release of the Galaxy S 4 and will not bring the device to Australia. In a short statement released to the press, Samsung noted that it "doesn't like any of the Australian carrier logos, nor the locals' pronunciation of 'kimchi'" and that it did not want to invest time and resources in "optimising the Galaxy S 4's gyroscope to handle being carried in a kangaroo pouch". While this is disappointing news, it's understandable given Australians' increasing preference for kangaroo-powered... Continue reading

LG Optimus G — Review

Is the Optimus G just the Nexus 4 with LTE, or something better? LG has struggled in the last few years with their smartphone attempts, but since the release of the L Series as pre-paid offerings, they've begun to show signs of life in the Australian market. Last year they took the number two pre-paid manufacturer spot, showing a strong intention to reign supreme in the Australian market. The Australian launch of the Optimus G as a post-paid (on-contract) device on the Telstra 4G network marks their return as a premium quality, high end brand in... Continue reading

Facebook to announce ‘New Home on Android’ on April 4

Facebook recently sent out invites to their press event that is taking place on April 4, which has set the rumour mill ablaze once more. Initially, folks were going crazy over what was said to be the mythical 'Facebook phone', but after actually thinking about it, it seems the internet's consensus is that Facebook have created a replacement launcher that is said to place Facebook front and centre on your device (much like HTC's BlinkFeed). This actually makes a lot more sense, because really, who would buy a phone because it has Facebook? Instead, Facebook offer all... Continue reading

HTC One gets iFixit teardown; receieves lowest possible score for reparability

If you're looking for a phone that you can take apart and put back together, do not buy the HTC One. HTC's latest smartphone has gotten a reputation for its solid construction and beautiful industrial design, but according to iFixit, it is 'nearly impossible' to perform simple repairs such as replacing a damaged screen. Apparently, the display assembly cannot be accessed without removing the back cover and all of the phone's internals, the battery is buried beneath the motherboard and is glued to the phone's midframe. There is also copper shielding on many components, reassembly of which has been... Continue reading

Nexus 4 gets a design upgrade?

It seems that the hackers favourite friend, the Nexus 4, has recently ducked out for a bit of a nip and tuck.  German site Mobiflip noticed a couple of changes to the Nexus 4 they received that while seemingly minor may make a significant difference.  I say "may make a significant difference" as there has not been any announcements from either LG or Google as to the reasons for the changes.  Speculation of the reason for them is rife on the Internet, as is often the case. The first change -- a phone with nipples? The new version... Continue reading

Give your Android device a new look with Roboto Condensed

One of the aesthetic differences HTC have made to Android in their fifth iteration of Sense is the replacement of the regular weight Roboto with Roboto Condensed. I happen to really like the look of the condensed font and so I set out to make the same change on my HTC One X with CM10.1. I came across an over at XDA-Developers that replaces the default system font with Roboto Condensed. Your phone must have a custom recovery installed, and although the thread is for the Galaxy Nexus, it does work fine on other devices. But... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M — Jelly Bean Update — OS Review

From the moment I finished watching the Livestream of the RAZR M launch I knew I wanted to get my hands on this phone. I loved the idea of a smaller, more manageable size phone with a display that was still big enough for my man-sized fingertips. The 3.5in display on my 4th Gen iPod is genuinely difficult for me to manage. My Nexus S at 4.0in was even a bit small, especially with typing. Having owned a Galaxy S II, I knew that a 4.3in display would be my ideal minimum. After only a few days it became obvious... Continue reading

Galaxy S4 in the news…. again

The Samsung machine is at it again.  Creating more news for all of us to inhale, digest, or ignore depending on your preference.  Overnight several little snippets were released, however none by by Samsung themselves. Qualcomm on the Galaxy S4 camera First cab of the rank is a retraction by Qualcomm that the S4's rear camera does not in fact capture 1080p video at 60fps.  In a blog post by Qualcomm about the Galaxy S4 carrying onboard the Snapdragon 600 processors in some countries they stated as such as seen below in a screen capture of the blog post.  While... Continue reading

Gameloft to release Iron Man 3 on the 25th of April

With Iron Man 3 due to hit cinemas in Australia on the 24th of April, Gameloft has announced overnight that they will be offering the official movie tie-in game on the very next day. The game appears to be an endless running style game, similar to Temple Run. Players will take on the role of Tony Stark, complete with his upgraded Iron Man armour from the new movie and proceed to fly their way through the different levels, using repulsor rays to clear your path of obstacles along the way. Although Gameloft has advised that the game will be... Continue reading

Google Glass will be manufactured in the USA

With excitement mounting over the seemingly imminent release of the Google Glass Explorer editions to pre-registered parties from last years Google IO and the winners of the #IfIHadGlass competition that was recently run. Details are now beginning to emerge on the manufacturing side of things for Google Glass. According to a report in the Financial times Google Glass will be manufactured in Santa Clara by Hon Hai Precision, more popularly known as Foxconn. According to sources the devices will be assembled in the US from parts manufactured overseas - most likely in Asia - so that final quality control... Continue reading

Google Translate goes offline

Google has announced that their popular Google Translate Android app has gone offline. In the past, the Google Translate app has required an internet connection to translate what you wanted, but now you can set the app to download offline languages with a choice of 50 languages, from Afrikaans to Welsh. To download the offline language packs simply go into your Google Translate Android App and go to the menu and select 'Offline Languages', you can then indicate which languages you wish to have installed on your device. It works pretty well and the offline mode is a very... Continue reading

Action Launcher Updated

Aussie developer Chris Lacy, has this morning released another update to his hugely popular launcher alternative - Action Launcher. Just as he re-invented the idea of folders with the 'Covers' feature in Action Launcher; this time he's taking on the idea of widgets, launching a unique and quite brilliant take on Widgets called Shutters. As you can see from this video, if you think about your screen setup and folders you can increase your usable screen real estate multiple times over by using the shutters function. It really only takes a few minutes to get used to... Continue reading

HP Pavillion 14 Chromebook now on-sale at Harvey Norman

The latest Chromebook to hit Australia has arrived in Harvey Norman, retailing for $398 the HP Pavillion 14(C001TU) is starting to reach into the more premium end of the Chromebook spectrum. With a spec list that includes a large 14" display it's more suited to those who require the extra screen real estate, although at 1366x768 it retains the same resolution as the Acer C7 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebooks already on-sale. Specs From the HP Website also confirm what is on the Harvey Norman Website that the HP Pavillion 14 is now running a 320GB... Continue reading