Want to wear some Ausdroid gear? You can.

Way back when Ausdroid turned one (that was two years ago.. yikes) we launched a limited range of clothing available for people to buy. Quite a few of the (then) fairly small team bought some gear, and a number of our readers did too. Well, with our third birthday just passed, we've revisited the idea of an Ausdroid clothing line. This time around, we've got a broader range -- both men's and women's lines, in addition to unisex gear -- a brighter, clearer logo, and for the first time, if you prefer a higher quality garment, we've got embroidered... Continue reading

Game Review: The Room

Ever since I purchased the Humble Mobile Bundle, I have been slightly obsessed with one game in particular: The Room. The Room is your typical point and click cryptic puzzle game that most people have probably played before. This isn't a new formula. Find hidden objects, use those objects and solve puzzles to unlock more items and secret areas. The story that unfolds as you progress through the game and this story is delivered through a series of notes hidden throughout the game. While these notes don't actually help you solve the puzzles they help to keep you engaged in the... Continue reading

Ausdroid Media presents: AusChrome – The home for all things ChromeOS in Australia

We've been following ChromeOS and related hardware on Ausdroid for a while but recognise that there are some people who just aren't that interested in Google's ChromeOS or the hardware that runs it. So, we've created a new site for those who are interested and named it Auschrome, you can follow all the Chrome, ChromeOS, Chromebook and Chromebox related news over at Auschrome.net. We're all over social media - you can follow us on Twitter via @auschrome, add us to a circle on Google+ or 'Like' us on Facebook. Writing for Auschrome will be : Lucas... Continue reading

Acer C7 Chromebook — Review

Welcome to Chrome OS, the new wave in connectivity and working in the Cloud. Ausdroid primarily focuses on Android related news but when the latest range of Google devices, the Chromebook started to emerge -- given the tight integration of Google services and the operating system -- we had to take a look. Geoff Fieldew reviewed the first Samsung Chromebook in December, now the Acer C7 has become available through JB Hifi and Harvey Norman we have the opportunity to see the latest in the Chromebook family. Chrome OS is an evolution of the Chrome web browser and... Continue reading

JB Hifi offering 20% off select Notebooks, includes Acer C7 and HP Pavillion 14

If you're at all interested in getting into a Chromebook or checking out ChromeOS, then this weekend is a great time to do so. JB Hifi has announced on Twitter this morning that they will be offering 20% off Laptops, today and tomorrow. The good news is that this does include their Chromebooks, the bad news is, as per the sign the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is not included. There are however two other models of Chromebooks on the market and JB Hifi has both of them. JB Hifi is currently offering the Acer C7 Chromebook for $238.40,... Continue reading

Uber — App and Service Review

It started innocently enough. Yesterday (Friday, 5 April) there was a bit of chaos on Sydney's transport network. A train had destroyed some overhead wiring leaving most trains north of the city either delayed or cancelled completely. So there I was, around midday, looking for a way to get to my next appointment. I was going to take the train, until I realised that the trains were screwed, and the next departure was not for almost 45 minutes. Not good enough. Then, I remembered I'd installed the Uber app awhile ago, and I hadn't tried it yet. For those that know... Continue reading

Ausdroid Exclusive: Virgin Mobile pulling out of third-party retail stores, focusing on their in-store experience

Ausdroid Exclusive Virgin Mobile have confirmed to Ausdroid that they are changing their focus in Australia, but they are not pulling out from the Australian market. Quite the contrary. How did this start? Overnight we received an interesting rumour via our anonymous tip facility. Some of these tips have been -- in the past -- a bit questionable, and when we saw this one, well we thought it was of the same elk. I mean really, a rumour that Virgin Mobile were pulling out of the Australian market? We had to check this for ourselves. So off to the local Continue reading

Third Party cloud storage options possibly coming to files.app in ChromeOS

According to a recent issue submission in the Chromium project, the suggestion has been made to give third parties access to the Files.App API which would allow for companies such as Microsoft, SugarSync and Dropbox to add their respective services as options to retrieve and sync your files with. The complete suggestion is worded : The basic idea is to allow an extension behave as a 'drive' in the file manager app in ChromeOS. Currently the file manager has "Downloads" and "Drive" in the left column, and additional USB flash drives and temporary zip archives will appear. The extension will appear... Continue reading

HTC M4 rumoured to be coming with Ultra-Pixel Camera

With the launch of the HTC M7, which is now known as the HTC One there has been no official word on the lower end of the market from HTC as yet. Before the launch of the HTC One, there was a rumour of a lower end version of the HTC One, code-named the 'M4' and now that the HTC One is out there, the rumours surrounding the launch of the device have re-surfaced via Llabtoofer who have provided some potential specs. HTC 'M4' Specs : 4.3"HD 720x1280 resolution screen 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8930) 1GB RAM 16GB Storage UltraPixel Rear Camera with 1.6MP... Continue reading

HTC First Official specs

A few days ago we reported the rumored specifications of the upcoming HTC First. The specs are now official, and they're pretty much as we expected: Qualcomm dual core 1.4Ghz CPU Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 16GB storage 1GB RAM Radio bands: 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz 2000mAh battery 5 MP rear-facing, 1.6 MP front-facing camera NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth Available in black, white, blue or red. US carrier AT&T is currently the only confirmed carrier of the device, with pre-orders shipping on the 10th of April. With direct references to global availability made by Zuckerberg, there's little doubt we'll eventually see it come to Australia. In the hopes of finding... Continue reading

Google Drive introduces Application Data Folders

A couple of weeks ago Google announced real-time editing of files for Google Drive. Today the Google Drive development team, have added another useful feature specifically targeted at developers. Google has introduced Application data folders which allow developers to securely store application specific content on a user's Google Account, preventing any possibility of the user (or other applications) from modifying these files. Once a User authorises the application to install on Google Drive, the application data folder is created and hidden from the user within Google Drive. Users have the ability to view how much... Continue reading

Facebook’s new “Home on Android”

Facebook today launched Facebook Home, a replacement launcher and suite of supporting Facebook applications and services that can transform an Android device into the much-rumoured, oft-mentioned, fabled "Facebook Phone". There's a huge number of customization options allowing your Facbeook news feed, chat and notifications to come to your home screen. The homescreen & lockscreen launcher replacement, "Coverfeed" allows you to see what your friends are doing, post fresh content, comment on others' posts and "Like" them without having to launch an app. Messaging is prevalent throughout the interface with "Chat heads", allowing you to interact with your... Continue reading

Australian Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch set for April 23

Samsung's next big thing, the Galaxy S 4, will be launched in Australia on April 23, so says Samsung in its exclusive invite to attend the launch event, received this morning. While we've brought you some news about the Galaxy S4 already, come the launch event we expect we'll be able to bring you an Ausdroid hands-on of the device followed by a full review, so you can decide whether Samsung will receive your hard-earned in 2013. So far, Australian carriers haven't given away many details about device availability. Ausdroid will be at the Opera House on the... Continue reading