Saturday , December 3 2016

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ZTE T230 phone available at Officeworks for $88


ZTE has very quietly added another low cost 3G mobile handset into the market in the form of the ZTE T230 mobile phone, available now from Officeworks unlocked for just $88. The handset, which is a relatively cheap 3G mobile phone, does in some ways follow the same or at least …

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Lost your email on Gmail? Check the web interface


That headline is a bit silly, because if we’re being honest, Gmail’s Android app is pretty damned fantastic for finding virtually all your emails. However, if you just know that you’re meant to have received something and you just can’t find it, it looks like logging into the web interface for …

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Huawei Media Pad M2 — First Impressions

Huawei are doing some great things recently; they’ve got some strong carrier partnerships in place, they have branded stalls in major shopping centres to increase brand awareness and they’ve been doing great things in the Android Space including the release of some outstanding devices such as the Huawei Watch, the …

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Ausdroid Podcast 148 – Nexus Dramas

AD - Podcast Draft

Welcome to episode 148 of the Ausdroid podcast! With new Nexus phones now available in Australia, we’ve taken a look at the launch, order and delivery process for Australian orders and some issues that have surfaced with the Nexus 6P running on Telstra. Dan’s got some thoughts on his Google …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones have been instrumental in defining the “Phablet” devices. The larger screen has given users extra functionality and freedom to do more while on the move and adding the S Pen only improved this further. With each iteration of the device, the specs and …

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