Sony to unveil Xperia Z on 20 February

Sony has today confirmed that it will launch the much-anticipated Xperia Z next week on February 20 to an eager Australian audience. We've had a bit of coverage of the Xperia Z since it was announced at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2013, and it's fair to say that more than a couple of us are quite excited about getting our hands on one.The Xperia Z is certainly Sony's new flagship Android phone for 2013. Some of Sony's Xperia offerings in the past have been mediocre, but the Xperia Z is generating a healthy about... Continue reading

Game Review: Draw a Stickman: EPIC

There are quite a few stickman games available on the Play Store, but what makes this one different is you play this game with "your" stickman. You start by drawing a stickman and his friend and that's where the adventure begins. Your friend (in my case “Linus”) gets eaten by a book and it is your job to go in and rescue him or her. At the heart of this game it is a point and click adventure game, you tap the screen to direct your stickman through the hand drawn world and along the way you will encounter numerous... Continue reading

Google releases new Nexus 4 ad: ‘Live in the Now’

Google just posted a new ad showing off the Nexus 4 and Google Now. It's becoming clearer and clearer that Google intends to push Now as one of Android's killer features, and we've also been hearing whispers about imminent desktop and Chrome OS integration. The ad shows off a bunch of Google Now's capabilities including weather forecasts, train timetables, restaurant recommendations and translation, as well as a reminder of a Google+ Hangout. It's good to see that both Google Now and the Nexus 4 are actively being advertised, especially since Google finally seem to be sorting out supply issues with the... Continue reading

Telstra rolling out Jelly Bean update for 3G Galaxy S III

Ausdroid reader Anthrox has given us the heads-up that he received a Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update for his 3G Galaxy S III today. The handset update table from Telstra's Crowd Support page initially read "Scheduled to begin staged deployment at 2:00 PM AEDT 4th February" but the update was pulled at the last minute, and it seems to be rolling out to users now. If you've patiently been waiting for the official update, be sure to start spamming "check for software update" for some Jelly Bean goodness! Continue reading

Nexus 4 16gb returns to ‘In Stock’ on the Play Store

In the ongoing story of Nexus 4 availability on the Play Store, it looks like the Nexus 4 16gb model is back in stock as of this afternoon. The above screenshot was just recently taken, so for now, you can satisfy your Nexus 4 lust online. Of course, Harvey Norman is now selling the Nexus 4 as well, and as LG told the press a little while back, the stock issues should lift come February, and we're now... Continue reading

Next-generation Nexus 7 could ditch NVIDIA in favour of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro

It looks like NVIDIA's Tegra 4 won't be making an appearance in the next-generation Nexus 7. At least, according to ZD Net who are citing Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell. So why the change from NVIDIA to Qualcomm? Well, although Tegra 4 is quite powerful, it doesn't have an integrated 3G/4G modem. Instead there's a separate modem which will ultimately bump up the cost slightly. Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064), however, has its 3G/4G modem built right into the chip -- making it the more attractive choice for... Continue reading

Bing Lee now selling Samsung Series 3 Chromebook – with PC only accessories!

I Like Bing Lee...even more now that they sell a Chromebook. Looks as though the JB Hifi/Harvey Norman - and their related stores (Joyce Mayne/Domayne) - exclusivity on selling Chromebooks is coming to an end with Bing Lee now selling the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook in-store and online . The Samsung Series 3 (XE303C12) is available for $338 with a bonus pack of accessories. Where this bonus pack starts to get a little weird is that the inclusions - a software security suite and a printer - aren't much use with a Chromebook. The Software security suite... Continue reading

Calling Amateur Skateboarders – Huawei Australia announces Pro For A Day competition

If you're an amateur skateboarder then Huawei Australia may just have a competition that could slingshot you into the big time. Announced today the Huawei Pro For A Day competition is part of their sponsorship of the Bowl-A-Rama Skate competition which is being held at Bondi on the 23rd of February. To enter the competition, amateur skaters will need to film and upload a video of their best trick to the Huawei Device Australia Facbook page and start sharing. The video with the most likes will win a bunch of great prizes including a Huawei Continue reading

The Simpsons Cash Out, oops I mean Tapped Out released on the Aussie Play Store

EA has today made their Sim City-esque Simpsons title, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, available on the Australian Play Store. The game has gained quite a following on iOS and was the platform's biggest earner in the last financial quarter, bringing in $23 million. "How did it make so much money?" I hear you ask. Is EA just trying to make some quick d'oh? Tapped Out employs the popular yet oft-criticised 'freemium' play model, whereby downloading and playing the game is free, but it is significantly more difficult (and sometimes impossible) unless the player pays for special features or items. In... Continue reading

Nexus 10 — Review

The Nexus program ventures into 10" Territory Traditionally the 10" Android tablet market has been a pretty disappointing affair. The big name tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the Asus Transformer series have both sold in numbers which have obviously been enough to warrant sequels and further investment by their respective companies. But so far however, they have failed to set the world aflame with desire. The announcement by Google that they would be releasing a 10" Nexus tablet was met with some scepticism by the Android community at large. Putting my own scepticism aside, I decided that... Continue reading

WINE for Android – coming soon

Earlier this week in Brussels, Alexandre Julliard, the original developer behind the WINE project, showed off a port of WINE for Android. If you've never delved into the cold, lonely world of Linux, you probably have never come across WINE. For those of you who don't know, WINE is a neat piece of software that allows you to run Windows applications on platforms that aren't Windows. How it does this, I'm not entirely sure. Something to do with APIs, with probably a little witchcraft thrown in. WINE stands for WINE is not an emulator. Those silly rascals in the... Continue reading

EA Releases Third Installment of the Real Racing 3 Development Diary Video Series

Melbourne-based development studio remonkeys have been hard at work on the upcoming Real Racing 3, and in this latest Developer Diary video, the team talks about the new Time Shifted Multiplayer™ technology which will allow players to compete against each other even if they're not playing simultaneously. Check out the video below, as well as the other clips in the Developer Diary series which provide a preview of the other bells and whistles which will be included with the game. They also have a Facebook page where you can get the latest news. Continue reading