Friday , March 24 2017

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“Selfie Expert” OPPO F3 Plus leaks

It is hard to escape it but most people take selfies, actually a lot of selfies, using their mobile phone. We have seen most manufacturers take stock of this and improve their front facing cameras to accommodate this fad. Oppo have taken the step of adding a second front-facing camera …

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Yet more Samsung Galaxy S8 images leaked

I’d like to apologise to you all for yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 leak post but it would be remiss of us not to at least have one post with all of the random Galaxy S8 images that surfaced overnight. Is it nearly the 30th of March? Anyone else suspect …

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Link Bubble is being unpublished from Google Play

Innovative floating browser Link Bubble, has been unpublished from Google Play says the owner of the application, Brave Software. The announcement came on March 11, with the decision made after a number of Android releases failed to address significant bugs that held back development. In a blog post, Brave Software …

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Huawei P10 — Australian Preview / Review

In starting this review, I could wax lyrical about how Huawei are the next big thing in mobile, how the Chinese entrant is making the best phones on the market, or any of a number of superlative statements about the company, its vision, or its products. While I could do …

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