Thursday , March 30 2017

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Motorola Xoom unboxing video

Wirefly, a mobile phone reseller based in the US, unboxed a Motorola Xoom on camera, and seeing as we at Ausdroid are very excited about the Xoom and its arrival here, we thought we’d share the video with you. There’s not much to say beyond check out the video – …

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Motorola Xoom pricing confirmed in the US

Overnight, Motorola Xoom pricing got all official at $799 for 3G/4G and $600 for WiFi-only. At these price points, the WiFi only version is closely comparable with the iPad sans 3G, however the 3G/4G version is a little pricier. I think we all know which of the iPad or Xoom …

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Review

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Motorola Atrix gets root, also has signed bootloader

Update: Further probing has shown bootloader is ‘signed’ not ‘encrypted’. This makes things a little easier for devs to try and crack, but it’s still not ideal. Just last night the Motorola Atrix was rooted, even before it’s released to the general public, but that’s pretty much where the good …

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Samsung releasing some WiFi-only devices?

So it seems that the news coming out of the Mobile World Congress continues, with Samsung announcing some devices that – wait for it – aren’t technically mobiles. Boy Genius Report has the scoop, but the nuts and bolts are these – Samsung has put out some devices called ‘Galaxy …

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HTC Desire HD on Next G? Yes, you can has.


Look, ordinarily we wouldn’t post a story like this, because it’s not quite a story. There’s not a lot to be said, but it has one AusDroider (… me) rather excited. Yes, I admit it, I rather like HTC hardware. You see, I don’t have an Android handset at the …

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CyanogenMod7 RC1 now available for 17 Android devices

The other day we brought you the news that CyanogenMod 7 RC1 had been released, bringing Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) goodness to a number of Android powered devices that, according to their manufacturers and other sources, may never have been updated to 2.3 (much less 2.2). Without going to lengthy detail, …

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