Friday , July 28 2017

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HP Touchpad – CM7 close to being functional

We’re close, VERY CLOSE to getting CM7 on the HP Touchpad. From all reports coming from the Cyanogen Mod team, the only major issue they have left to address is Wi-Fi. CM7 is booting successfully, Multitouch is working successfully and sound is working successfully. The release of CM7 for the …

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HP Touchpad progress: Touchscreen now working!

There’s been a continual stream of information coming from both the Team Touchdroid and the Cyanogen Mod Teams who are working feverishly to port Android to the HP Touchpads. Both teams have successfully had the Touchpad booting but only “functional” while connected to a PC via cable as the Touchscreen …

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HTC EVO 3D on Vodafone – Pricing

Just the other day we told you that Vodafone and Telstra had plans to release the HTC EVO 3D later this month, we also promised to let you know as soon as we heard about pricing. Thanks to Trevor Long at YourTechLife we can share that Vodafone will announce the …

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Woolworths Android App is here

As we reported last week, Woolworths were working on getting an Android app out, to complement their iPhone offering, well it appears they went ahead and released it a couple of days ago. After installing the app you can link it to your EveryDay rewards card and once linked to …

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