Samsung swipes at iPad, Surface and Kindle in their latest advert

Samsung don't exactly have a reputation for being subtle with their advertising and the latest advert for the Galaxy Pro Series of tablets holds true to their usual form. The advert is starts by showing off the multi-window capability of the Samsung NotePRO and TabPRO tablets and moves quickly onto dissing the Microsoft Surface pointing out that with a keyboard, battery pack and mouse it's more a laptop than a tablet. They take a round swipe at the Kindle as good for nothing other than "books", before finally calling out the 'Retina' angle of the iPad as compared... Continue reading

Samsung looking to launch multiple 5-to-6 inch devices

Samsung are looking to further build on the market desire for bigger, bolder and certainly larger screen smartphones in 2014, according to Samsung’s Executive Director, Hyunjoon Kim, who revealed during the company’s Result Report Conference Call that Samsung is planning on bringing more 5-to-6-inch smartphones to market in 2014. Samsung already has a fairly saturated hold on this segment of the market, beginning with 5.0" Galaxy S4 and moving into their stylus driven Note range of phones; they also carry extra large devices like the Galaxy Grand along with the 5.8" and 6.3" Galaxy Mega although these devices so far... Continue reading

ASUS teases us with a dual-boot hybrid Windows / Android device

It's not uncommon to see manufacturers tease us with hints of new devices before major international trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is set to roll into Las Vegas in just a couple of weeks. ASUS likes to get in on this action with a baffling teaser each year, but this year they've incorporated the Statue of Liberty, of all things. From the looks of the video teaser (below), we're looking at a laptop-come-tablet device which dual-boots Windows and Android, not just in laptop mode, but in tablet mode as well. We can't wait to get a... Continue reading

Poco’s Sydney store selling a 7″ Phablet from December 15th for $179

Poco Sydney have advertised in the local Christmas Catalogue a 7" all-in-one Android based tablet that is also a smartphone rolled into, well a phablet I guess you can say. Now, whilst there was no name given, nor exact full specs, here is what we do know the phablet is packing: 7” LCD Screen Dual SIM Dual Standby Android™ 4.1 WiFi Bluetooth The device is due to hit the only Poco store in Blacktown from tomorrow (Sunday 15th December). If you are in the market for a 7" phablet, then this device could be what you are looking for. Would you consider buying this device? Do you... Continue reading

Big W goes Kid Friendly offering the Kurio 7S kids and Laser Kid Smart Tablet

In the latest catalogue offering from Big W beginning Monday 28th October two kid friendly tablets starting with the Kurio 7S Tablet for $198 and the Laser Kid Smart 7. The Kurio Tablet, aimed to be lowed end child friendly, does come with some Ok specs for a low end device it still probably a device worth looking over if you are in the market for a kid friendly tablet device. The list of specs include: 7 inch multi touch screen Display resolution 1024 x 600 Front facing speakers Rear camera - 5 Megapixel, front camera - 2 Megapixel 2GB Ram Allwinner Cortext Quad... Continue reading

Lenovo releases Yoga like Android tablets

Lenovo have released two very interesting Android tablets in Germany. The counter-intuitively named IdeaPad B6000-F and B8000-F have 8" and 10" displays respectively. What makes these tablets unique is their built-in 2 stage folding  back panel. When not needed, the panel folds flat against the back of the device:   When you want to prop up the tablet, you can use the smaller flip out panel for two positions: Or the larger back panel for a more stable stand: In terms of specs, they are almost identical, with both having a quad-core MediaTek MT8125 processor at 1.2GHz, 1GB... Continue reading

Laser announce MID eTouch Android tablet range

Laser Corporation isn't a very well known brand when it comes to product and marketing, but yesterday the company announced it's new and updated budget MID eTouch Android Tablet range, coming in 4 various flavours for nearly everyone starting with the MID 742- 7” eTouch Tablet, MID741 - 7” eTouch Tablet KIDS, MID 740- 7” eTouch Tablet KIDS and the MID1040- 10” eTouch Tablet. Having a look, here is what each MID eTouch Tablet is bringing to the market: MID 742- 7” eTouch Tablet The MID 742- 7” eTouch Tablet is offering pretty much budget/entry-level device. The device does have an... Continue reading

Mystery ASUS tablet pops up at FCC in the US – could potentially be the next Transformer Pad?

A mysterious new ASUS tablet has popped up at the FCC overnight, leading to speculation that it could be the new Transformer Pad, reports Engadget. The filing for the tablet, given the model name TF502T, seems to in line with previous Transformer tablets released by the company, though sadly the filing doesn't go into great detail with the only confirmed parts stating the device will come with 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC at the very least. The timing of the filing course matches the leaked ASUS roadmap and strategy revealed in August, in which we saw... Continue reading

Rumour: JB HiFi has Nexus 7 (2013) 4G in stock

Ausdroid has received a tip from someone we know and trust indicating that JB HiFi not only has the Nexus 7 (2013) in stock (which we've confirmed ourselves) but they also now have the Nexus 7 (2013) 4G model in stock as well. Ausdroid reader Yehia has told us that he has purchased the 4G variant of the newly released Nexus 7 (2013) today at JB HiFi in Hornsby, and while he noted that they don't have any display stock at the moment, all that's required is a quick request to one of the friendly (we can confirm... Continue reading

Seagate shows off a 500GB Ultra Mobile hard drive for Android tablets

Tablets are great for many things where you want a bigger screen than a mobile, but you might not want to cart a laptop around. Take, for example, international travel. In flight movies aren't terribly good quality, so you might like to take your own with you to watch on a tablet. I do. However, if you've done this, you'll probably have found the same thing I did: 32gb of on-board storage isn't always enough, especially if you like to take some music and photos with you as well. Well, worry at night no more. Seagate, already known for their 5mm... Continue reading

Is a new tablet optimised version of Twitter on its way?

I know a lot of users have been crying out for a tablet optimised version of the official twitter app, me included, but to date we have been stuck with using the stretched phone UI or find an alternative app that gives us what we want. With Twitter restricting developers of third party apps they really needed to do something about the tablet UI and it looks like we could be getting a new version soon. During Samsung’s Unpacked event at IFA they spoke about the redesigned Twitter app and even went as far as showing a screenshot for everyone... Continue reading

New Tegra Tab 7 details surface, suggest 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 CPU

New details have surfaced for Nvidia's rumoured Tegra Tab 7, suggesting that the 7-inch tablet will be powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor. According to recently uncovered AnTuTu benchmarks, the device is currently being tested in China under the name of TegraTab7-Premium, currently running Android 4.2.2. The device also reportedly runs rings around the Nexus 7 (2013). Previous rumours suggested that the device would feature a 5 MP rear camera with Micro USB & Micro HDMI ports and stylus support, with a 7-inch 1280 × 736 display. That last point might explain some... Continue reading

Small Android tablets gain whilst Apple’s buzz fades

Whilst Apple may have captured the early buzz with the tablet market when they introduced the original iPad, it seems their share of the tablet market has begun to fade according to research released by Canalys. With a tablets now accounting for 31% of worldwide PC shipments, Canalys estimate that 68 per cent of tablets shipped in the second quarter had a screen size smaller than 9 inches and that small tablet manufactures like Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, Acer and others saw hefty year-on-year gains in shipments during the second quarter, ranging from 228 per cent (Acer) to 317 per... Continue reading