The Lenovo Smart Display captured Duncan’s heart, mind and wallet when he reviewed one over the last month or so. Don’t tell him, but the post-Christmas sales have them going super cheap at a the major retailers.

The 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display is going for $178 with a free Google Home Mini at Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, or for $199 at JB Hifi.

The 10-inch version has dropped to $277 including a free Google Home Mini at JB Hifi and Harvey Norman, or $299 at the Good Guys.

So if you’ve got a bit of Christmas cash to burn and have been thinking about a smart display, perhaps now’s the time to jump onboard. Keep in mind – if you’ve got an allegiance to any of the major chains that they’ll all price match provided you can offer proof of the better price elsewhere, so don’t ever be afraid to shop around before you go shopping and always ask for the best price.

What features do you want from a smart display, or wish yours had?

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This deal is fantastic! I’m spreading the word about this to my friends who’ve been waiting to pick one up for ages. I’ve been recommending the lenovo smart display to them ever since I got one for myself. No regrets – it’s now an essential at home.


The Lenovo smart displays look pretty good. At least they have the camera, unlike Google’s Home Hub.

I think the camera is essential. Once you start initiating video calls using voice activation, and you know the person on the other end has a smart display and will pick up the call, suddenly video calls become more viable and you make more of them.


Definitely agree with this! Having a camera on my smart display was a dealbreaker for me so I did stick with lenovo for that very reason. My family uses it for video calls with the rest of family now that we’ve all gotten it for Christmas.


Was that meant to read $299 as all three retailers have them at $299


Picked up the lenova 8″ and google mini yesterday for $178 at Harvey Norman Browns Plains. Most staff at Good Guys, JBHifi and Harvey Norman did not appear to be aware of the deal