If you’ve been waiting for the right time to grab a Pixel 3, that time may have just arrived with JB Hifi offering $300 off the range of Pixel 3 phones.

If you’re yet to really take a good look at them, but they’ve now dropped into your price range – check out Dan and Scott’s review of them at release before you head instore.

The Pixel 3 phones made quite the impact when they landed, partly thanks to their excellent presentation and hardware, partly because of the notch (Pro-tip: it can be hidden – check out Nacho Notch to do it properly) and some issues with memory management.

Thankfully the negatives have been resolved so you’re left with a great looking phone that can take amazing pictures, has solid battery life with predictable and consistent performance and will get the latest version of Android dropped for the foreseeable future.

If this sounds right for you head over or into JB Hi-Fi and check it out.

Does the price drop bring the Pixel 3 into your budget, or will you be looking at other alternatives for your next phone?

Source: JB Hifi.
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Lord Snooty

Er, it’s $300 ‘off’ at JB because Google dropped the price by $300. And they do free delivery for online orders. Just sayin’…


James Keogh

I have an Android tablet (Samsung) and an Apple 5c ph.If i was to replace my ph,what would be the best value for money ph I could buy?


dropped my XL3 once and boom big crack through it… Didnt really notice it til I took it for a swim.. FML

Federico Rebechi

I’m waiting for next gen This one is horrible!

Ausdroid reader

Thanks for letting us know. Just bought a white P3.

Some dude

Harvey Norman giving you a bonus Chromecast if you buy the black model.


You can buy many Chromecasts with $300


You get the same $300 discount at Harvey Norman and a Chromecast Gen 3 thrown in. $849 for the Pixel 3 and $1049 for the Pixel 3 XL and a free Chromecast Gen 3 worth $59.



Ah, that is the better deal then, as much as I hate HN.